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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rani & Adi to wed on Feburary 10?

Here's is some bizzare new information about the Queen bee. According to a latest gossip Rani Mukerjee and Aditya Chopra are set to marry on Feburary 10 next year at Umaid Bhawan Palace hotel in Jodhpur, following an as yet unacknowledged engagement ceremony in June.

Rani and Aditya have booked the entire hotel which was in the news in March this year when English actress, fashion model and designer Elizabeth Hurley wed Indian businessman Arun Nayar there.

An insider reveals, “It’s one of the most expensive place in India, but Aditya and Rani thinks it’s the perfect place to get away from the prying eyes of Mumbai’s media.

They have booked the entire palace way in advance and everything is done in a hushed manner.Only a few close friends know about it. Rani's family knows about it, but we are not sure about Aditya's family."

A local film distributor of Rajasthan confirms the news.

"Yes, Umaid Bhawan has been booked for their Shaadi, and we are sure lots of people from Bollywood will be coming here for the wedding," he says.

Earlier talking to press Rani vehemently denied that she was engaged to Aditya.

At the launch of Raga Crystals range of women's watches, when Rani was quizzed on rumors of marriage to Aditya Chopra, she sarcastically responded.

"You might not know but I have five children also. Go find them and I will reward you," Rani said.

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