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Sunday, December 16, 2007

shardha sharma latest hindi

Article in Hindi of shardha sharma...

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Deepika & Yuvraj more than friends

She is just 21 and doesn't want to get married and yet two of the biggest stars of Indian cricket team and her friends, Yuvraj singh and M S Dhoni are putting all their efforts to woo this doe-eyed beauty.

Intially it was MSD who invited her to a T20 cricket match against Australia but on this Wednesday when Yuvi hosted a birthday bash at the JW Marriott hotel Deepika Padukone was invited the special guest of the evening.

Cricket buddies Zaheer Khan and Ashish Mehra showed up while others kept away. M S Dhoni probably didn’t show up to save Deepika and Yuvraj the embarrassment of being in the same room as him.

As Yuvi cut a cake, the duo danced to Bollywood numbers and had a blast.

The on-lookers claim that Padukone, who is also being touted to be Krrish's next leading lady, played the perfect host at the event. She mingled with the guests as if she belongs to Yuvi's family. The duo looked more than just friends if their body language was any indication.

Though Yuvi's ex-flame Kim was also invited but she delibratly gave the event a skip.

“I didn’t remember it was Yuvraj’s birthday. If it was, I hope it was a great party. I’ve heard Deepika was part of the celebrations and if she was, good for her,” exults Kim.

Let's hope there is no tension in the Indian team owing to the Yuvraj-Deepika-Dhoni triangle.

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I will not say OSO has the best music: Celina Jaitley

Q. What is playing on your I-Pod these days?
A. I have returned from Mauritius just two days back, so top French songs are playing on my I-Pod. Also recently, I got a collection of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's songs and beautiful Gazhals which were gifted by one of my friends.

These songs are also playing on my I-Pod. In fact I love music so much that my I-Pod is always on.

Q. Which kind of music do you love and which kind irritates you?
A. I like Sufi, Rock, Ghazal and Nazm. Also I love listening to Hindustani music. If you talk about singers then I am a big fan of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I like the songs, Gazhals and Nazms sung by him.

I am also a fan of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahab.To be true I love to listen to the songs of the 60's and 70's more than today's songs. Not only Hindi, I also like listening to old English classics.

The music which has more loudness than melody irritates me. Also I don't like songs, the lyrics of which have no meaning.

Q. According to you which among the recently released films - 'Om Shanti Om', 'Saawariya', 'Aaja Nachle', 'Khoya Khoya Chand' and 'Dus Kahaniyan' has the best music?
A. I will not call any of them the best because every film has at least one song that is my favorite. But if you see commercially then the music of 'Om Shanti Om' is very good.

With this I also like the music of 'Dus Kahaniyan', it has some newness in it which I like. Also Sanjay Gupta's film music has always been good. I have not yet heard the music of 'Khoya Khoya Chand', so I can't comment on its music.

Q. Name five of your all time favorite songs.
A. My favorites will not fit in just five songs but I will try. I love these songs- 'Chalte Chalte' from 'Pakizaah', 'Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam' from 'Dilwale Dulhaniyan Le Jayenge', 'Morni Baga ma' from 'Lamhe' and 'Sagar kinare' from 'Sagar'.

Q. Which music makes you dance?
A. There are a lot of songs in our films which makes one want to dance while listening. I am a big fan of Sri Devi ji. When I listen to her songs then something happens to me. Songs like 'Meri Haathon me nau nau choodiyan hai' from 'Chandni' and 'Morni Baga ma' from 'Lamhe' are on the top.

Also I love classical songs very much. While listening to these songs not only me, but every body feels like dancing.

Q. What do you prefer remixes or originals?
A. See, originals have their own charm. For remixes I would like to say it is a good trend in a way as old songs are repeated in the form of remixes. These are the songs which have been part of our grand fathers' generation.

The fact is that we Indians are musical naturally. Also remixes indicate the popularity of a song, which can sooth the hearts of listeners till now.

Q. Which is your favorite romantic song?
A. (laughs) Oh God! There are lots of them, I am confused which name should I take? (thinks). I like the song 'Do labzon ki hain dil ki kahani' from 'The Great Gambler'.

Q. According to you today's music is better, equal or worse as compared to music of old times?
A. First of all I will like to say that music cannot be compared. Music always gives satisfaction to the soul. According to me not only the environment has changed but the ragas have also changed.

I will not say that today's music is bad but seeing the number of music composers coming up, we can say that there has been a lot of development in the field of music. If we talk of old songs then the era was very romantic so, the songs had to be memorable.

But thankfully, with few films like 'Devdas and 'Khoya Khoya Chand' the era is coming back. And it is a very happy feeling for me because I am very fond of this kind of music.
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SRK & Farah has changed my life: Uvika Choudhary

Uvika Choudhary came into limelight first with 'Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj' and then with the television serial 'Astitva'. After a number of ads, she appeared in the big Diwali hit 'Om Shanti Om' in a small but noticeable role. Next up for the Delhi girl is the lead actress role in 'Summer Of 2007' opposite Sikander Kher.

Q. Now that you have done 'Om Shanti Om', what’s next in line?
A. Right now, I want to finish 'Summer Of 2007.' So, I am concentrating on it at the moment. Few things are in the pipeline but I would like to talk about it after finishing this film.

Q. How was the transition from T.V to films or you always planned things out this way?
A. Yes it was great because it was unexpected and if you get something without asking for it then it always feels great.

Q. You have done South Indian films too, what is happening with your career in the South?
A. I am happy doing Hindi films. I would always give preference to Bollywood and then comes South or English films.I had few offers but I want to prove myself here first then I can think of doing one or two South films. As of now I am keen on doing Hindi films.

Q. How has been the 'OSO' experience?
A. I will never forget ‘OSO’ as it is a part of my life, not just my career. I spent many beautiful moments of my life while shooting for this film.

Q. Don't you think working with Shahrukh Khan in your first film was a good opportunity as you must have learnt a lot from him?
A. Yes of course. Working with good people like Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan is always great; you always learn something from such seniors. I think I have been very lucky in my career up till now as I have always got good work.

Q. ‘OSO’ was widely publicized as Deepika's launch pad, so how much did it help you in your career?
A. See, I didn't expect that I will come into the industry and get a film like 'OSO’. So, whatever came my way was God’s gift. I accepted a good opportunity and did it as fun. It was fun for me.

I am still saying that I don’t consider it just as a part of my career. I thought it will be a good experience, not to make my career, establish me or something like that.

Q. Will expectations be high as you are doing the lead role with Sikander Kher in your next film ‘Summer of 2007’?
A. I am just blindly doing hard work. I don't think about the results so much. I am doing my best. I believe in doing hard work and like to work with a smile. I am enjoying the moment

Q. Do you think 'Astitva' and ad films helped you to get noticed?
A. Yes ‘Astitva’ was a good place to learn. Commercials were a move to a different world. It was a different genre. People noticed me in different roles in ads only. If I had not done these things I would not have been here.

Q. People feel that in spite of less reel time, you shone through. How do you feel about this compliment?
A. I am really happy because at the end of the day what matters is the response of the audiences. I hope that in the future also the audiences will give me good response.

I believe that with my hard work I will hear good things from the audiences. The result is in the hand of public and we are here just because of the public.

Q. How has been the journey from ‘Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj’ till now?
A. It served as the base of my career and I can't deny that. My career started from there. My introduction couldn't be without ‘Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj'. It is something very important to have happened in my career.

Q. What were you doing before ‘Zee Cinestars’?
A. I was doing a fashion designing course. I was simple college going girl. It was a good part of my life.

Q. Does the politics around disturb you or are you willing to adjust with all that?
A. I would say there is 100% percent politics whereever you go and whatever you do because I don’t think India can survive without politics. So whereever you go it is there. Starting from school, college to professional life- it is there on different levels.

In school you don't feel it so much and in college it is more of fun. And yes politics is everywhere, it is an individual's choice how he /she faces it. Few people are able to tackle it and few people can't.


"I don't care about the fate of Aaja Nachle" - Geeta Basra

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Geeta 'filmy' Basra, a self proclaimed Bollywood buff and the biggest Madhuri Dixit fan ever continues to be awestruck by Madhuri Dixit even after the no-show of her Aaja Nachle at the box office.

"Whatever be the fate of the film, I don't really care", says Geeta who seduced audience with her act in The Train earlier this year. "For me, it was a dream come true to watch a Madhuri Dixit film in Mumbai, especially after seeing all her films in UK, my home country."

"Moreover, the film worked for me. Yes, there is bound to be bias at my end since I have been her fan since my childhood but then that's obvious, isn't it", she questions. "Each and every dance step of hers made the film so special for me. I was thrilled to see her carry herself so gracefully while playing her part in such an elegant manner."

Reflecting on the fact that the film was unable to connect with the audience, Geeta says, "Maybe majority of the audiences still have that romantic image of hers in mind. If there was a bona fide male lead alongside her with her comeback vehicle being centered on a love story, acceptance of that film may have been much higher."

"However, these are just ifs and buts. For me, Aaja Nachle would remain special regardless of it's fate. I have been a Madhuri fan and would continue to do so. I was awed when I saw her on the big screen. Now I am eagerly waiting to see what her next film would be all about."

On the professional front, Geeta is keeping the cards close to her chest. After two good back to back performances (The Train, Dil Diya Hai), she is making her moves carefully without signing multiple projects in a rush. In fact, she does have a biggie in her kitty already but is waiting for the producers to make a formal announcement.

Stay tuned as the petite girl makes much more than just her presence felt in 2008 which promises to be an eventful year for the upcoming actress.

Shilpa's last performance of Miss Bollywood

The resplendent Royal Albert Hall was ablaze in Bollywood glory on Wednesday 12th December 2007 night, as Shilpa Shetty brought the house down in the London performance of her dance and musical extravaganza, ‘Miss Bollywood’, wowing the full house audience that comprised Bollywood and dance aficionados, celebrities, MP's and key dignitaries.

Shilpa Shetty graced the Red Carpet in a stunning black outfit by Giorgio Armani, before lighting up the stage in a fitting festive climax to the UK tour of ‘Miss Bollywood’, which has played to full houses across Europe, England and Scotland. Guests that enjoyed the finale performance of ‘Miss Bollywood’ included Shilpa's former Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Danielle Lloyd, England footballer, Jermain Defoe, musicians Jay Sean and Shayan Italia, comedian Kulvinder Ghir and Keith Vaz MP, who congregated in the Royal Albert Hall's West Arena for a VIP champagne reception, before the commencement of the performance.

Konkona Sen Sharma bags Mira Nair's Shantaram Click here to add this article to My Clips

Konkona Sen-Sharma is really going places. After taking the elusive Tabu's place in Zoya Akhtar's directorial debut Luck By Chance, Konkona is treading into Tabu's territory once again. Konkona will play a small but vital part in Mira Nair's Shantaram.It would be recalled that Konkona was Mira Nair's initial choice for the much-lauded Namesake. The actress begged off for date's sake. Tabu stepped in.

Contrary to the flights of fancy in certain media circles about Mira Nair’s ambitious adaptation of Gregory David Roberts' bestseller Shantaram being aborted due to Johnny Depp’s fancy fee, the project is very much on.

Reacting with her usual chortle of incredulity talk back home, Mira says, "Alas, We have been stalled temporarily due to the crippling nature of the writers' strike in Hollywood. Johnny Depp assures me that this is just a pause, and that we'll rev up to go again once the strike is resolved. I’ve spent a year of creative endeavour in realising Shantaram, so I look forward to the time when it will all come together."

The cast which initially boasted of Bachchan with Depp now has, among others, the rapidly-rising Konkona Sen in a very special role. Divulges Mira, "In addition to Johnny Depp and Amitabh Bachchan, I'd confirmed Irrfan Khan in a major role and Konkona Sen for a one big dramatic scene. I've also been in talks with Prabhudeva, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade and Ranvir Sheorey. I'd also love to work with Pankaj Kapoor. We have such an extraordinary bunch of great actors in India!"

Mira should know. She worked with a slew of them in her career-defining musical Monsoon Wedding. And now as Shantaram gets shifted to end of 2008, Mira prepares to do a Broadway-styled stage adaptation of Monsoon Wedding.

Bipasha is the brand ambassador for Kinetic-SYM

Bipasha ‘Beauteous’ Basu has the face, attitude, charm and sensuality to endorse any product and brand and take it to a new plane. Bips is now the brand ambassador of Kinetic Motor’s upcoming Kinetic-SYM scooter, which is slated for a launch next month.

Bipasha portrays both ambition and confidence and hence she fits the bill. She will feature in the advertising campaign for the Kinetic-SYM scooter on television, print, and internet. Outdoor campaigns and a special audio-visual that demonstrates the new scooter will also feature Bipasha.

Bipasha’s last release was Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. Her upcoming movies include Race and Mr. Fraud.

Shatrughan Sinha gives voiceover for Dashavatar

Shatrughan Sinha is all set to become the narrator of Dashavatar, an animation film which is being directed by Bhavik under the banner of Pune-based Anushvi Productions in association with Phoebus Creations Media Pvt Ltd.

Dashavatar is based on 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu seen by children namely Aarti and Ajay through the eyes of Lord Vishnu’s devotee Narad. The two children escaping from the kidnappers in the temple, which is set on fire, are saved by Lord Vishnu after hearing to the prayers of little girl Aarti. However, Narad who comes in the avtar of pujari finds hard time to convince Ajay that it was Lord Vishnu himself who saved them. And thus, takes them to the time when world is going through the cosmic resolution.

Dashavatar also knits together the fascinating stories of Ram, Krishna, Parshuram, Vaman, Narsimha, Buddha and the tales of Vishnu in earlier avatars Matsya, Kurma and Varaha and finally Kalki.

It seems to be the flood of actors jumping into lending their voices to the animation films in Bollywood. Besides Sinha, it’s Sachin Khedekar who will be dubbing for the character Lord Vishnu, Shreyas Talpade for Narad, Rupali Ganguly for Apsara, Tom Alter for Parshuram, Shishir Sharma for Bali Raja, Kenneth Desai for Lord Indra, Vinay Apte for Kansa and Ashish Vidyarthi for Hiranakshyapu who have given voices to different characters in the film.

The lyrics in the film have been written by Sandeep Khare and the music has been composed by debutant music director, Anand Kurekar. The tracks have been sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala, Shreya Ghoshal and others.

Dashavatar is scheduled to release in January 2008.

Photo Feature: Rare Pic Of Rajiv-Sonia On Roadside

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This is the rare picture of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi having ice cream on a road side. It's taken sometime in 70s on the roads of Delhi.

Rajiv Gandhi is not a well known face at that time. He used to roam outside with Sonia Gandhi like any other person without big security.

The ice cream vendor didn't know that he was selling ice cream to the grandson of Nehru and the son of Indira Gandhi. He didn't even know that he is selling ice cream for the future Prime Minister (Rajiv) and the future king maker (Sonia) of India.


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