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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ravi Kishan to launch his mobile game

After dubbing Spiderman in Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan decided to make a Bhojpuri Superhero film and named his movie Bajrangi. A company has designed and is releasing the mobile game of Bajrangi.

Ravi Kishan will be dressed in Spiderman shirt, dhoti and chappals. The game showcases Ravi fighting with monkeys; he crosses the Holy Ganga River and trees. Finally, he has to rescue the heroine. Excited about the concept of mobile game on Bajrangi, Ravi Kishan informs that the game is over ten levels and is extremely fun to play on mobile. It is about how Bajrangi (Ravi Kishan) overcomes all the obstacles to rescue his heroine.

Ravi himself has written and scripted the entire game. Not just that but the company has also come up with a ring tone which has Ravi’s famous dialogue in the show Bigg Boss, 'Zindagi jhandwa, phir bhi ghamandwa'.

The game will be marketed in 80 different countries.

T-Series plans aggressive marketing for Om Shanti Om

The music industry is certainly on a high note in Bollywood. Increasing numbers of large films have been announced and one of the biggest and most awaited films of 2007 is Shah Rukh Khan’s home production, Om Shanti Om. It was recently reported that T-Series had acquired the rights to the music. Now comes the big question on the terms of the deal. We have learned through reliable sources and an insider was overheard saying, “It’s true that T-Series has acquired the audio rights for Om Shanti Om. The deal has happened at a figure between 4 to 5 crores and the company plans to promote the music very aggressively”.

The film directed by Farah Khan has music by Vishal-Shekhar with some arrangements made by yesteryear music director Pyarelal of the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo. The major highlight of the film is a song that features almost the entire present day and (even the) yesteryear film industry people playing themselves. The last time one saw something like this was in Manmohan Desai’s Naseeb. Farah, however, promises to make this experience bigger and better.

T-Series is currently the biggest player in the Indian music industry and is planning innovative ways to market Om Shanti Om, including a big activation on the digital medium. Its upcoming lineup of film includes big names like Bhool Bhuliya, Welcome, God Tussi Great Ho, Showbiz, Taare Zameen Par, Bhootnath and the Ghajini remake

Sajid denies rumors!

The normally joke-cracking and easy-going Sajid Khan gets serious the moment you ask him if his new outing HEYY BABYY is a remake of the Hollywood hit THREE MEN AND A BABY. “Sure, there are three men and a baby in my film, but the similarities end there. My film is not THREE MEN AND A BABY,” he clarifies instantly.

Please continue. “The three men in my story are a reflection of what I am in real life. I’ve incorporated my habits/traits in the three male leads [enacted by Akshay, Fardeen, Ritesh]. HEYY BABYY is completely different from any of the films you’ve seen so far. It’s as much THREE MEN AND A BABY as PATCH ADAMS was MUNNABHAI M.B.B.S.,” he states.

Meanwhile, not many are aware that HEYY BABYY stars as many as 21 [yes, you read that right!] leading ladies of Bollywood. Of course, Vidya Balan enacts the principal lead, but as many as 20 actresses feature in the film as well, 14 of them appearing in one song alone [‘Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar Ki Baatein’].

Top 5 Reasons why Bips is still hot?

“I’m in love with Bipasha,” said Hollywood actress and style icon Sienna Miller in an interview with a Mumbai daily a few days ago. There’s no dearth of people who would love to love Bipasha. Isn’t it! Well, it seems Buxom Basu babe has been making a hell lot of news off late. Whether it is good or bad one can’t say. For in showbiz any publicity (positive or negative) is considered to be good publicity. Post the smoldering beedi in Omkara and bikini peep show in Dhoom 2, Bipasha was anyways tava fresh property. But the heated grapevine has made her hog the newsprint and prime time news-space in a continually big way. We at IndiaFM bring you top five reasons why Bips is Hot? And happening….

1). There’s a lot of speculation about Bipasha’s longstanding relationship with John Abraham. A Mumbai tabloid quoted “sources” stating that Bipasha admitted to friends that she was single for the first time in the last ten years and she is enjoying it. She was single at this year’s IIFA Awards in Yorkshire and with another girl ruffling John’s hair in the latest Clinic All Clear ad (a brand that they’ve been successfully endorsing for some time now) people are saying the split is confirmed. In a sudden turnaround, the newspapers are buzzing with a last minute filmy patch-up between the two as according to eyewitnesses John after returning from an outdoor shoot in Pondicherry headed straight for Bipasha’s house the same evening. So, have they kissed and make up! The mystery is killing…

2). Bipasha has been looking a million dollars. In fact she has never looked so hot and sexy. She has been getting loads of male attention. Not only in India but even the firangs are going nuts over this Bong bombshell. She made the famous announcement that the beauteous Taj Mahal is indeed the new wonder of the world at Lisbon a few days ago. But the more juicy part was the photograph that showcased 22 year old footballer Christiano Ronaldo planting a passionate kiss on Basu’s lips in the celebrations that followed thereafter. The on lookers vouched for the terrific chemistry the duo shared as they danced together hip to hip, gym chest to…oops…Bipasha later criticized the media by dismissing it with a statement saying that how can she be serious about a 22 year old kid? A kid! Hmmm…we don’t think she is an aunty yet and Ronaldo is known to be a scampering stud. Never mind. From what it seems, everyone seems to have had a good night’s….

3). Once the rumours of rift with John started doing the rounds Bipasha was continually linked up with her Race co-star Saif Ali Khan (he is fresh from a break up with Rosa). Interestingly the two have shot for a steamy love making scene for this Abbas-Mustan thriller. Basu admits that she visits Saif’s house but then so what! Uhm…we aren’t saying anything. There have also been reports of Bips patching up with ex-boyfriend (or should we say ex-ex-boyfriend) Dino Morea. The two have been spotted at functions together further fuelling speculation. Wonder where this dusky siren’s heart is heading for?

4). A tabloid in a shocking story revealed that Bipasha had undergone a silicon implant operation before Jism to add more dollars to her physical packaging. Apparently the doctor who performed the operation has still not been paid the Rs 2.5 laks that Basu owes him. Columnist, Socialist and novelist Shobha De in an article in The Sunday Times of India on 22nd July (aptly titled Boob Tube) said, “Every other aspiring actress goes under the knife to fix assorted body parts. The only thing big about this deal are the extra inches a surgeon adds. Too bad Ms Basu’s doc isn’t a gentleman. I hope after this leak, he never recovers his money. Let’s have another beedi , Bips.” So far Bipasha hasn’t reacted to this surgeon’s allegations. We still don’t know the raaz of those….Uhm.

5). Bipasha has always been an advertiser’s delight. She continues to endorse products, the latest being Reliance Mobile, Pantaloons besides Clinic All Clear. It is being said that with souring of relationships between her and John, she shall be shooting for the ad separately. An interesting point to be noted is that Bipasha was earlier associated with gaming portal zapak.com and launched zapak.tv in January 2007. The website had promised to feature a 'Bipasha Basu zone' with games based on the actress. But it was only a couple of days ago that we received an invite for the launch of what was promised to be the launch of Bipasha Basu’s first mobile game by another brand called Jump. If Bips had already been associated with another gaming portal then how can her first game be launched by another group?

These were five reasons that make Bips a hot property right now. Do let us know what you think of sexy Bipasha making headlines galore on message2venu@gmail.com

"I don't think there is any role I cannot play" - Himesh

In the concluding Part II of an exclusive conversation with Joginder Tuteja, Himesh identifies areas of improvements for him. He also talks about how superstardom hasn't changed him as a human being who is still simple and modest as always.

Successful composer. Successful singer. And now a successful actor. How did it all fit in?
I sincerely believe in the power of divine force. There is nothing possible without it. Being talented is one thing, being aided by a divine force is different. If only talent worked in this industry, what would explain the number of flops where far more talented people have come together to create a product? Once you work on making a film, you realize that it is not just talent or hard work which makes you deliver goods. There is an element of spirituality which makes you start working 18 hours a day. You start working like a genius and things start falling in place by themselves.

There is an element of spirituality which makes you start working 18 hours a day
It was also heartening to see industry coming in your support.
I will be always indebted to them. I had never imagined such encouraging words from them both before and after the release of the film. They all stood up for me and prayed together to make this film a success. There have been good suggestions on how I can further improve in my upcoming films and I accept them wholeheartedly.

I need to be more expressive in light hearted scenes
What are the areas of improvements you have identified for yourself?
I need to be more expressive in light hearted scenes. In Aap Kaa Surroor I was quite poker faced and had to say most of my comic dialogues with a straight face. I have to improve that aspect of mine.

How about dancing?
Certainly, I have to work on that. In my next film if I am required to dance, I will make sure that I practice hard for months and months on that. No half baked effort from me.

In my next film if I am required to dance, I will make sure that I practice hard for months and months on that
But then you did dance to Mithun da's 'Jeena Bhi Kya Hai Jaana'?
[Laughs] Oh, that was impromptu. Prashant just asked me to dance like a man who is drunk. Now the trouble was that I don't drink so it was difficult for me to get into that mould. Prashant just explained the scene to me and asked me to enact like a man who is a little high about life and wants to enjoy the moment he was living. I got the gist of it and there I was dancing to Mithun da's tune.

While talking to you, you still come across as the same old Himesh as you were a decade back when 'Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya' released, albeit a lot more confident. What makes you still so modest in spite of being a global rockstar?
Dekhiye insaan ko ghamand nahi aana chahiye! Usse modest hi rehna chahiye aur ye dhyaan rakhna chahiye ki woh ek achcha insaan ho. Today I may be called as a rock-star but who knows about tomorrow? It is nature's law that what goes up has to come down. What would I do then? If I try to throw tantrums and have certain airs around me, how would I survive tomorrow if I don't enjoy the kind of success as I do today?

Today I may be called as a rock-star but who knows about tomorrow?
Anyways, success seems to be following you for sure. One hears you have at least 3 more big projects up your sleeves.
Yes, talks are going on and we should have an announcement soon. What I can assure is that these projects would be much bigger in scale and treatment than Aap Kaa Surroor. People associated with these projects are the best in the business and you would realize that for yourself when the films are announced. In addition, I would also be seen in the sequel of Aap Kaa Surroor.

But would you continue to be play Himesh Reshammiya in each of your films?
[Says quickly] No ways. Even in Aap Kaa Surroor, the only element from my life was that about my brother; otherwise it was all fictional. Apart from the film's sequel where I play HR again, the other films would see me play different characters. Also, it won't be necessary that I always play a composer or a singer. I don't think that there is any role I cannot play. It is just a matter of applying yourself, fine tune your edges and continue to improve with every film.

I don't think that there is any role I cannot play
Some may call this as a big statement to make.
I would be happy if they do that. Yet again, no complains whatsoever. After all it is right of anyone to challenge an individual's statement. And till the time you are not challenged, how can you improve on your art? For proving that you have it in you to deliver, you need someone to say that 'no, you cannot'. If everyone said that 'Himesh, you are best in what you do and no one is better than you', what motivation would I have to reply back with better performance? I always believe that insaan mein josh aur himmat honi chahiye. If you have that, there is nothing which is not achievable.

Your look continues to be the flavor of the season.
And I can promise you that you would see a much improved Himesh Reshammiya in my next film. I am working on creating a superior look and a much better physique. By the time I am ready to face the camera again, we should have the results for everyone to see.

Shilpa Shetty in a major legal hassle

Shilpa Shetty is in legal trap. A London law firm has sued Shilpa’s company Cine Entertainment for not clearing their dues. A security company called CTR services is also planning to sue her on non payment of bills as they had provided security services to Shilpa in the UK sometime backs.
According to the reports, Shilpa has also been dropped from famous publicist Max Clifford's client list due to conflicts with Max’s employees. However, her representative in the UK, Farnath Hussain informs that her company Cine Entertainment has already paid every penny that they owe. Their payment got delayed because the figures CTR submitted were not right and her company asked them to rework on it.
Recently, she was allegedly linked up with her “good friend” and producer Raj Kundra. Kundra’s wife Kavita openly accused Shilpa Shetty in media for breaking their marriage. It seems that success has its side effects and Shilpa is going through the rough side of it now.

'Apne' writer to direct Sunny

Encouraged by the feedback he received for his work in APNE, writer Neeraj Pathak has decided to turn film producer and also direct the film. Together with Krishan Choudhary, Neeraj has floated a film production company – Icon Pictures P. Ltd. – and has decided to make a film starring Sunny Deol in the lead.
“It’s a thriller,” Neeraj tells me, “We plan to start its shooting in the first week of September and wrap up the entire shooting by October/November.” Neeraj is in the process of finalizing the balance star cast [and also the title] at the moment.

Bobby Deol to play Bihari tramp in Chamkoo

Sometimes the casting of a film in our film industry turns up to be as interesting as the film itself, if not more. Director Kabeer Kaushik had meant to cast Bobby Deol in his debut film Sehar. But Bobby wasn't prepared to go into the dark territory of crime and law-enforcement in Bihar. So he said no.
The role of cop battling boorishness in the backyards of Bihar went to Arshad Warsi who Bobby admits, did a brilliant job.
Fast-forward to three years later. Kabeer Kaushik is all set to make a strangely titled film called Chamkoo about the journey of a Bihari youth into Mumbai's underworld. And this time Bobby is all set to take the plunge into the dark regions of the human heart.
Would Bobby's makeover as a Bihari vagabond be as complete as Saif Ali Khan's transformation into the uncouth Meerut-bossy in Omkara?
"I don't know about that," chuckles Bobby. "I don't think Kabeer Kaushik's film has to do that much with Bihar. My character moves to Mumbai pretty early in the script. Actually, Kabeer had come to me with Sehar. But at that time I had a psychological block about new directors. I know that's strange considering my brother Sunny has worked with the maximum number of new directors. But today I've the confidence to move away from my rich-boy image and attempt something dark grim at the grassroot level."
Bobby's confidence level has been on the upswing ever since he played the jealous musician in Suneel Darshan's Shaka Laka Boom Boom.
"I guess it provoked me into exploring the dark region of my personality. Even my latest film Naqaab pretty much explores the grey side. I think Kabeer Kaushik's film will take me further down that unlit road. At this stage of my career its fun to explore unpredictable characters. I'm rather tired of playing the suave rich character."
Whether Bobby will cut his long-flowing hair for Kaushik's film or incorporate it into his character, he doesn't know.
The tight-lipped Kaushik is working on a special look for Bobby

Nadiadwala's son bashes up Riteish Deshmukh

The promos of Sajid Nadiadwala’s Heyy Babyy are all over the place and the film seems to be generating lot of excitement among the masses. One of the biggest attractions of the film is the special song in which most of the Bollywood damsels will be seen sharing screen with the lead stars Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan and Riteish Deshmukh. Another reason for the producer Sajid Nadiadwala to be happy about is that his five-year-old son Subhaan will also be seen in the film.
Subhaan is the leader of a children’s gang in the film. According to Sajid Khan, this particular scene has never been seen in a Hindi film before. Action Director Mahendra Verma trained 100 kids between the ages of three and 10 years for four days. In fact, Subhaan has a scene in the film where he beats up Riteish Deshmukh.
Khan further explains that they had put up a set in Mumbai and trained all the kids in gymnastics and action scenes using wires to enact fight sequences. There is also a theme song for the kids gang which is sung by director Sajid Khan himself.

Rakhi Sawanth Boasts Her Sexy Structure

Rakhi Sawanth boasts of her structure and says that she has tempting look that brings envy for other ladies. She is working out day in and day out and says that she is in the process of reducing weight and slimming down. Rakhi is known for her rural look till now and she is going to show herself urbane shortly. She has called a media channel representative to her gym and gave an interview there. She found no hesitation in explaining the shapes of her body and posing in tempting way for the camera.

Rakhi has been a news maker ever since she entered the film industry. She opts something different from her colleagues in projecting herself and doing things. She appeared in a small brasserie type top and a small bottom while giving this interview.

That's really hot, Rakhi!

Buzz: Ameesha In Kiran Rathod Way?

Ameesha Patel acted in two direct Telugu films so far- one is 'Badri' and the other 'Narasimhudu'. While the former was s upper hit the latter toppled down. Ameesha Patel is better known in Bollywood with two super hit films, 'Kaho Na Pyar Hai' and 'Gadar'. There are no big hits for here there as well. She is also not getting many projects in hand and many are considering her as an obsolete actress. She decided to move down south in search of career.
The essence of an interview given by her in a Hindi magazine says that Ameesha understood the advantage of moving down south as earning and recognition for Mumbai actresses will be big. She is landing in Chennai to find her place on Kollywood screen first. She is ready for hot show and has no hesitations in that regard.
Like Kiran Rathod, we may expect Ameesha going bolder and showing off her assets in wilder way. If she finds recognition in Kollywood even Tollywood welcomes her with such special hot roles.
Let us see how Ameesha plans her career.

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