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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Actress Prity Bhutani

Aspiring to reach the top: Actress Prity Bhutani

South Film Industry has gained more popularity than Indian films in todays’ times. The demand for these regional language films in India is quite high and a large audience has a craze towards it. With a background of successful south films in the career, helps an actor to make a quick mark in the Hindi cinema as well.

Acting talent is inherited by some people while the others go through a lot of struggle to make a place in this field. The one who is successful is the one who works very hard towards achivement of his goals. Prity Bhutani is one such actress who has managed a place and name for herself in this film industry after a tremendous struggle period. No one in her family hails from a filmy background. Then how did Prity become an actress? About this she says, “My family cannot associate with films weven in the dreams as we are the Rudivadi Sardar and are too strict about our culture values. I basically am from Faridabad and have done my education from Delhi. My father is in the airforce and my mother is a teacher. With such a background even thinking about going into films has been like a big thing. “

“Frankly speaking even I had never thought of getting into films initially. I planned to get into a job and hence I chose commerce as my main stream of studies. But destiny had something else in store for me. I managed to get into films without even taking any formal training for it. I used to participate in dramas’ and stage shows in school and college. My potential in these extra cirricular activities started getting recognition and appreciation. Soon a group was formed within the college that did a number of successful shows together. I was a part of that group. Since then I started getting many modeling offers and I started modeling along with studies. Gradually I became so involved in acting that I started concentrating on it to be my career.” This is how Preeti’s inclination towards acting gradually developed and she decided to come down to Mumbai and work. Considering her inclination and potential in this field, her family also extended support to her.

She further says, “On coming to Mumbai, I got an opportunity to work in two short films with Tanuja Chandra. Working with her is no less than working in a learning institution. I got to learn a lot over there. During that time, I also did some ad films. One of them was an ad film for Nitish Builder. Later I also learn Kathak from Sitara Devi’s daughter Jayanti Mala.”

Preeti Butani got true recognition on the big screen only after she was cast against Sharad Kapoor in the film “Jani Dushman”. There was a big cast in the film, but her bold appearance and her outstanding performance made her gain tremendous recognition and applaud.

Today’s scenario is such that Preeti is getting many film offers and she is absolutely occupied in her acting career. Preeti has also got an opportunity to work with Rajpal Yadav in a film name “Ladies Tailor”. In this she played a character named Flora. Her graceful appearance and acting talent attracted the audience towards her to the extent that since then there has been no looking back for Preeti. Though the film did not do well at the box office; but Preeti managed to use it as a ladder towards her growth and success.

She confirmed, “After doing a number of films in Bollywood, I started getting offers from the South as well. She has done two Tamil films named ‘Idu Kadal Varun Paruvam’ that is directed by Kasturi Raja and the other film is with the South Super Star Arjun and the film was ‘Mard Walav’. Apart from this, I am also doing two films in Kannad.

“I am getting many film offers from the South today and I am accepting most of them, but that doesn’t mean that I will not do Hindi films. I have recently done a Hindi film made for kids named ‘King No.1’. I am also doing K Sara Production film ‘Ek- the power of one’. I am doing another film with Neeraj Pathak and Girish Mishra. But yes in today’s date I am doing more films in South than in Bollywood. “

Preeti since you are a Punjabi, will you also do films in punjabi?, “I have never thought about it as I have not got any offer for doing a punjabi film. Given an opportunity I don’t mind doing a film in my mother tongue. I am not biased to work in any language. Today apart from Hindi, I have done films in Tamil, Telegu, Kannad, Malayalam, etc. “

Preeti reveals that, “Language is not at all a brarrier in the acting field. You’re acting ability and talent is given more preference than the language. This is the only reason that I have been able to perform in so many languages. Though I am from the North, my knowledge in difference languages and my grasping for different languages is good making it easy for me to perform. “

We have heard about the negativities one faces to grow in the film industry. Have you gone through any such troubles, “I have been fortunate enough to get associated with good people in the industry? I strongly believe that if you are good, then good happens to you always. I have thoroughly enjoyed my career in the industry so far and I am sure that I shall enjoy the entire tenure in it. “

Photo Feature: Almost Looking Like His Dad

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You can easily tell who this star-kid is. Just observe his father. Does he not resemble today's most popular Bollywood star? Yes, he is perfect match for Aamir Khan. The tiny boy is Aamir and the one holding him is his dad. So Aamir Khan took the features of his dad perfectly.

Rumors: Siddarth-Soha live together now!

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Soha Ali Khan couldn’t have been at a happier place at the moment. Not only is she basking in the glory of rave reviews for her performance in Khoya Khoya Chand but her personal life is going great guns too. For the first time she can come out in the open with boyfriend Siddharth, who’s moved base to Mumbai and has settled straight into Soha’s suburban pad.

The two have thrown caution to the wind after Siddharth decided to stand by his woman and let go of his marriage. He’s often seen in the company of Soha’s friends even when she’s out of town, entertaining them and making up for Soha’s absence.

The two work out together; he’s present during her script narrations and even helps her out with home shopping, as the two were recently spotted at a home d├ęcor store, picking up knick-knacks for the house. Shopping done, he lugged all the bags to the car and waited with the door open for his ladylove. Could this Rang De Basanti brood get any sweeter?

Star Talk: Bipasha loves her independence!

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Bipasha Basu preaches exactly what she practises. “It’s not about being a feminist, but I like being independent. And that’s what I tell my sister too. I have seen my friends going through bad marriages and it can be really tough if you don’t have anything to fall back on,” she says. And that’s what Bipasha strictly follows. “I don’t ever see myself being dependent on anyone. I never want to be in a position when I have to ask someone for money. But that doesn’t mean gifts aren’t welcome; I love receiving gifts,” she laughs.

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