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Sunday, September 2, 2007

How Simran's Hot 2nd Innings Going On?


Simran has been the darling of many hearts through out her career. There were lakhs of fans for her in AP and Tamilnadu. After starting her second innings she booked for Balakrishna's 'Okka Magadu', Kalyan Ram's 'Vijayadasami', Krishna Bhagawan's 'John Appa Rao 40 Plus' and a Malayalam film 'Heart Beats'.

Out of all these, the film 'Heart Beats' was released and that didn't bring any break for her but the producers are at loss. The film is in news as Simran sued the producers for Rs 20 Cr for showing her as Aids patient without her knowledge.

Keeping that aside, Simran is appearing in an item song in Kalyan Ram's 'Vijayadasami' that is hitting the screen shortly in the direction of V Samudra.

And in Balakrishna's 'Okka Magadu' she is playing beside lead role in the flash back as per the reports. John Appa Rao 40 Plus is going to be an out and out comedy film with Krishna Bhagawan the first schedule of the shooting of which is started in Bangkok.

Image Conscious: Sexy Heroine's gym make up

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Celina is very conscious of her image and makes sure that she has her make up on even when she is working out.

Actress Celina Jaitley loves cosmetics. So much so, that she makes sure that even when she's working out at her gym, her make up is in place.

For Celina, it's a matter of habit but the other ladies there, we hear, simply stare at actress' strange habit. Reveals a source, "Like all others, Celina is usually clad in a singlet and shorts while exercising at the gym, but it's her grease paint that draws attention.” Her thick make up has set tongues wagging in the gym.

Celina is very conscious of her image. Even while leaving the gym, she makes sure to retouches her make up. After taking a post-exercise shower, she takes time to apply fresh make up before stepping out." Celina was unavailable for comment, but her designer Violet said, "I really can't comment on whether Celina dons make up when she goes to the gym."

Most Wanted Beauty Shares Her Past

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Parineetha girl Vidya Balan shares her childhood and admits that she was a lazy babe those days.

"I used to demand for some food as soon as I wake up in the morning. I never touched any book for past time. I never used to play with children of my age as past time. Even though my mother used to push me outside, I would come back and sleep within a couple of minutes. I never used to participate in mass drill in school. I used to bunk that somehow. I also used to tell lies stating that doctor asked me not to play due to health reasons", said Vidya Balan.

She added, "But now I changed completely. I'm also sweating during dance practice".

Well, that's what the professionalism is!


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