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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Abhishek and I had some fun too

2007 was a year of tremendous turmoil for Priyanka. There were legal and police hassles regarding financial endeavours. At home her dad struggled with a serious illness.

Sighs Priyanka, "In 2007 I've just been busy doing commercials. And then there were other problems created by various people. I've accepted those as an enevitable part of each year.

The more popular you get the more the number of people who want target you. That's fine. It's a professional hazard. You've got to take it in your stride. I'm glad I've my family to stand by me. They're my strength and my weakness."

Sighs the discreet diva, "The end of 2007 seemed to be the beginning of the year for me because I started Fashion. I'll soon be starting Karan Johar production with Abhishek and John. Both the films will be over by July. So the first-half of 2008 is packed."

She's looking forward to working with Abhishek and John again.

"Abhishek and I had some fun times during Bluff Master and with John I did one of my toughest roles in Karam. I enjoyed that though it didn't work at the box office. But then a film doing well or not is in nobody's hands," says the actor who in five years has given the maximum number of hits and has earned the tag of the new-millennium Hema Malini.

She hopes to fashion a new success in Fashion. "It's actually becoming a much bigger film than what it was meant to be. Let's face it, success is important. And to me the boxoffice is very important."

Fashion is a special challenge. "The character requires a lot of hard work. The graph is so steep. Madhur Bhandarkar is keeping me on my toes constantly.

Yes, I admit Krissh and Don didn't have as much space for me as Fashion. But one does all kinds of movies. I enjoy the experience of trying something new each time.

In Fashion I'm far more at the forefront than Krissh or Don. But the challenge is the same."

Reel Buzz: Two Hot Ladies With Rajni Kanth

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With the news that the mega project 'Robot' is on, the entire media is abuzz with activity and it is heard that the makers are looking at roping in not one but two heroines for the film and the most likely choices would be the Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone and our very own South Indian hottie Nayantara.

While the official announcements are yet to be made, this pair looks quite likely to be alongside superstar Rajnikanth who will be the hero of the film. Will have to see how Shankar brings up this brainchild story of his.

On the other hand Rajni Kanth visited Tirumala to seek blessings of Lord Venkateshwara before getting into the actual job of 'Robot'. And it seems that the time started for us to talk about 'Robot'.

Shaan to perform at a musical event in Qatar

After garnering praises for style of singing or even hosting musical shows, Shaan, is all geared up to perform in Qatar for his grand Bollywood musical show, ‘Shaan Se’. The show is being sponsored by Consolidated Gulf Co (CGC).

CGC Business Development Head said that since Qatar is home to many Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi expatriates. They would surely love to dance on the tunes of popular Bollywood numbers live from a famous voice and his team of artists. Hence, CGC will be the main sponsor of the show.

The musical event will be held on Jan 10 at the Khalifa Tennis and Squash complex.

Sajid Khan to host Star Screen Awards

Ace compere and director of the blockbuster hit Heyy Babyy, Sajid Khan, would be hosting the 14th Annual Star Screen Awards to be held on January 10 in Mumbai. Shreyas Talpade and Saagarika Ghatge will also share the stage with Sajid.

The Star Screen awards which are usually among the first few award functions of the year are in their 14th year running. This year’s event sees some of 2007’s top films like Taare Zameen Par, Chak De India, Life…In a Metro, Om Shanti Om and Guru vying for the top honours.

“I have lost 19 kgs for my grand performance on Saawariya’s title song. Then Shreyas and I would be seen emulating the Chak De India girls. Another notable thing about this year’s event is that the script has been written by Milap Zaveri who has penned films like Masti and Pyare Mohan”, says Sajid Khan in his trademark humorous way.

With such an entertaining line-up of acts, this event will surely be one rollicking affair.

I'm ashamed for not watching TZP: Ayesha Takia

We have all seen Ayesha Takia in different roles in various Bollywood flicks. We have even known about her ambitions and plans as an actress.

Here we present a different Ayesha Takia who talks about music – her likes and dislikes.

Q: What's playing on your iPod these days?
A: Since I am doing a lot of workouts these days, it’s mostly Trance and Techno music on my iPod now.

Q: Of the recent films released – ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Dus Kahaniya, which, according to you, has the best music?
A: I would say that the music scored in all these films are great. While the music in ‘Welcome’ is mind blowing, I liked the music in ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’ too.

I have not watched ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and am ashamed about it. I have heard that the film as well as the music in this movie is tremendous.

Q: Which are your five all-time favorite songs?
A: Come on, this is too tough a job. Nevertheless, I will try. I like all the songs in ‘Lamhe’ and ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’.

You may choose any song from these films. I also love the song in ‘Dil’ – ‘Khambe Jaise Khari Hai’.

I like the song so much that I have watched the movie at least 50 times in my childhood. I honestly don’t know why.

Again, I also like the title track ‘Soncha na tha’ from my film ‘Soncha na tha’. Besides, these I am also fond of the ‘Krishna Cottage’ song ‘Soona soona lamha lamha’.

Q: What type of music soothes your mind and which ones irritate you?
A: For me music is fun, and it all depends on my mood. My liking for music changes according to variations of my moods.

If I am in a trance mood, I like Trance music and when in a rocking mood, I prefer Rock music.

And there are times when I also listen to Sufi music. (Smiling) As far as irritating music is concerned, I must tell you that the music my sister prefers is really irritating.

She keeps the door of her room open and plays loud Rock music. This is really irritating for the entire family and whoever hears it.

Q: Is there any music that makes you dance as you hear it?
A: I personally like ‘Hip-hop’, ‘Rock’ and ‘Trance’ music a lot. At the same time, I am very fond of the song ‘Loot liya’ in my film ‘Sunday’.

It is a hilarious as well as jamboree kind of a song usually associated with the immersion of the Ganapati.

Q: Which is your favorite romantic song?
A: Once again I need to mention the title song in ‘Soncha na tha’ as I like this song very very much.

At the same time, I also like the song ‘Jeena kya tere bina’ from my movie ‘Kya Love Story Hain’.

Q: Do you prefer remixes or original songs?
A: It is a simple fact that remixes are made from original songs that have more value to any music aficionado.

The idea behind making remixes is to make a hit song a hit again.

The two are different and they offer a different kind of fun. I like both.

Q: According to you, is the music of the day better than that of the yesteryears, as good or worse?
A: No doubt, the music of the yesteryears was far better. These days anything passes off as music and can you imagine the riot when all these are played together?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Beyonce in Kambakth Ishq

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala is a man on a mission these days. An industry source reveals that Sajid is all set to roll his next magnum opus Kambakth Ishq to be directed by newbie Sabir Khan in Los Angeles in May.

Apparently the producer has a few surprises up his sleeve. Says our source, "Sajid has managed a casting coup in Kambakth Ishq. Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger no less has agreed to play an interesting cameo in the film. And that is not all. Pop Sensation Beyonce is all set to do a bootylicious act in the film. The film stars the super hit pair of Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor."

"Akshay plays a Hollywood stuntman in the film and hence the presence of Arnold. Our desi action hero will be seen with the international action icon. Beyonce too is reportedly doing a sizzling act in the film. Everything is almost finalized."

Prashant Shah line producer of Kambakth Ishq in LA says, "Yes we are in talks. We are in talks with Beyonce and we have also received a letter from Arnold's office. We are yet to work out the logistics. Things will be confirmed shortly and we will be making a formal announcement when that happens. We are also looking at other Hollywood names to join the cast of Kambakth Ishq. "

Photo Feature: Now Sexy-Then Cute-Who's This?

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The girl is looking very cute and that is a unanimous opinion. Now the grown up girl looks sexy and decent now. She is the heart throb of many youngsters when Murari, Indra and Manmadhudu were released and when the song 'Nuvvu Nuvvu' in Khadgam turned popular. Yes, you got it. She is Sonali Bindre. This photograph was taken when she was 2 years old.

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