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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Javedji's criticism made me win: Prashant Tamang

After Abhijeet Sawant and Sandip Acharya, it is the turn of Prashant Tamang to revel in the limelight. He still cannot believe it, though – still thinks it is a dream. From his chowki to a recording studio – he recalls his journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Q. What was your life like, as a constable in a chowki?
A. Nothing like this! The only thing in common between my life then, and my life now, is music. It has always been a part of my life. It has brought me here, and I am happy.

Q. Did you ever imagine that one day you would be here?
A. Absolutely not. In fact, when I had come here to audition, I never imagined that I would win.

Q. You have not only won the 'Indian Idol 3' crown, but also a contract and a car? Which of these is the most precious to you?
A. The love and support of the audience. I am proud that I did not let down those who believed in me. Their joy is my biggest reward. Anybody can earn money, but I have earned both money and made a name for myself. I am excited about that.

Q. What are your future plans? Will you work even harder now to make a mark in the music industry, or will you go back to your previous job?
A. The Kolkata Police Force, where I was working, want me to move forward. I want to work harder. I want to fulfil the expectations of those who have pinned their hopes on me. I want to be a singer. However, I want to meet my colleagues and seniors once – they have given me a lot of support and strength.

Q. Now that you have won the title, what do your family members have to say?
A. They are very happy. My mother has always wanted to see me on television. When I won the title, I called her on stage, and paid my respects to her. That was my most memorable moment.

Q. We have heard rumours that you will make an appearance on either 'Jhalak Dikhla Ja 2' or 'Nach Baliye 3'.
A. (laughing) I know nothing about this. You are the first person who has mentioned this to me.

Q. The previous winners of this title disappeared after a few days of fame? Where do you think you are headed?
A. I understand that this contest is just a platform – an entry into the music industry. This is where we were noticed. The journey has just begun. How hard we work, depends entirely on us. It is not like Abhijeetda and Sandipda are not doing anything. Abhijeetda recently recorded and released his album.

Sandipda is also going to launch his album soon. Karunya and Amit Sana are also launching their respective albums. God willing, I will be able to record and release my own album, when the time is right.

Q. Three judges thought that Amit Paul deserved to be the winner. In fact, Javed Akhtar had once mentioned that you are not good enough to be a contestant. How did that feel?
A. I do not think that Javedsaab said that to belittle me. I always thought his criticism was constructive, that he made comments so that we could improve. He always saw where we were going wrong, and mentioned it. Whatever I am today, I am because of his honesty.

Q. One contestant, Richa Aneja, refused to sing with you, earlier in the contest? How did you feel then, and what do you think now?
A. Yes, I remember. I was a little hurt, because she had not heard me sing, and yet she refused to sing with me. Then I realized that she is a kid, and that was her childishness. I did not take the incident too seriously. It was all sorted out in the end.

Q. How does it feel to be an Indian Idol?
A. Great! I still think I am dreaming, and then I think that my dreams have come true. Responsibilities have increased now. I have to work harder, and be more sincere now.

Q. According to you, is your co-contestant, Amit Paul, a better performer than a singer?
A. He was good at both. I prefer his singing – he has a great voice.

Q. What is your relationship with him?
A. We bonded well at the beginning of the contest, and both Amit and Abhishek became very close friends of mine. I was shocked when Abhishek was eliminated. I missed him a lot.

Q. Are you planning to settle down in Mumbai, or will you go home?
A. I have not decided that as yet. Let's see what the future holds, and I will make that decision accordingly. Right now, I leave it to fate.

Priyanka's secretary withdraws case against her

The allegations made against Priyanka Chopra by her secretary, Prakash Jaju, have been taken back by him. Jaju has withdrawn the petition against the actress in the Supreme Court.

Jaju knocked the doors of the Supreme Court when the decision of Madhya Pradesh High Court went in favour of Priyanka and her father Ashok Chopra. Jaju had accused Priyanka of directing Chotta Shakeel to criminally intimidate him because of a financial dispute prevailing between him and Priyanka. Priyanka had also appealed to the Supreme Court to hear her side of story as well.

A bench comprising C K Thakker and Altamas Kabir heard out the counsels appearing from the both the parties and finally accepted the plea of Jaju to withdraw the case.

Priyanka is currently busy with her shoot for a number of films which includes Love Story 2050, God Tussi Great Ho and Drona

SRK may perform with Tulsi, Parvati at Ekta's Awards

Ekta Kapoor's television awards ceremony to be held in December in the UAE is growing bigger by the day.

The latest news on that front is either Salman or Shah Rukh Khan is going to perform at the function. And one of them will be dancing on stage with 'Tulsi' Gautami Gadgil or 'Parvati' Sakshi Tanwar.

Says Balaji’s Business Head, Harsha Chugh Khanna, "Right from the start Ekta was sure of one thing, her television awards will be as big as the film awards. To that extent, she has been working towards getting the biggest of Bollywood stars to perform at her awards. However there's only one pre-condition. Each of these Bollywood icons has to be in some way associated with television."

So is it Shah Rukh or Salman for the main performance? "We're currently in negotiation with Shah Rukh and hopeful that he'll agree. He's a source of inspiration not only in cinema but also on television. If you recall he started his career on television with Fauji and recently made a spectacular impact on Kaun Banega Crorepati. So it would be wonderful to have him perform," says Harsha.

Ekta's buddy Karan Johar will be facilitated at her awards named Balaji Global Indian Tv Honours 2007. Karan will also host a segment of the awards. Adds Ekta, "When I decided to have the awards I wanted television to get the recognition it deserves. Today I feel apart from a few filmmakers television is able to deliver more glamour grandeur and density than the average 'multiplex' film. The home medium has certainly come a long way. And that's what we'll be celebrating at our awards."

Shilpa Shetty stars in Miss Bollywood

The tag of Big Brother celebrity has definitely worked wonders for Shilpa Shetty. She is all set to make her debut on stage in the musical, Miss Bollywood.

Miss Bollywood is the story of a young Indian woman named Maya, played by Shilpa, who lands in UK with the dream of setting up a dance academy. Shilpa has a troupe of 40 dancers from Bollywood with her for this musical.

According to Shilpa, Miss Bollywood would not only cater to the lovers of Bollywood but also to the mainstream audiences who are crazy about dance and musical theatre.

Shilpa Shetty and her crew will begin the tour on September 29 in Berlin and finally performing at the Opera House in Manchester, UK on November 3.

Karan Nath in Tera Kya Hoga Johnny

Sudhir Mishra is all set to relaunch Karan Nath in Tera Kya Hoga Johnny. He faced the camera for the first time as a child artist in the film, Mr. India. Karan Nath’s career graph nevertheless remained stagnant with films like Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa, Tum, and Sssshhh and Loc Kargil.

However, Sudhir Mishra’s Tera Kya Hoga Johnny brings him again into limelight. Sudhir seems to be confident about his choice and says, “Karan Nath has a great potential as an actor and I fail to understand why anyone in the industry hasn’t recognized it yet.” He also adds, “It’s an actor whose potential when tapped, becomes a star, nobody is born star.”

On asking, what role does Karan play in the film; Mishra says, “Karan’s character is very unconventional. His has his own business, which perpetually runs into loss; he is a drug addict as well. Karan’s effort and the quality of work he puts in will definitely be recognized.”

Zabardast, Love in Kashmir, and Kayanaat are some of Karan Nath’s films, which are yet to be released.

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