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Friday, August 3, 2007

Cash Movie Review

Cash follows Dhoom 2 genre. But star cast and thrills are not at par with Dhoom 2. Script is the scapegoat in this stylish and exotic flick
Punchline: saath
Genre: Heist
Banner: Seven Entertainment, Adlabs Films Ltd, Sohail Maklai Entertainment Pvt Ltd & ASP White
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Shamita Shetty, Sunil Shetty, Dia Mirza, Esha Deol, Ritesh Deshmukh & Zayed Khan
Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani & Panchhi Jalonvi
Music: Vishal Dadlani - Shekhar Ravjiani & Ranjit Barot
Choreography: Remo & Rajeev Goswami
Cinematography Ravi Walia
Action Antony Stone
Editor: Amarjeet Singh
Story: Vinay Yash
Dialogues - director: Anubhav Sinha
Producer: Anubhav Sinha, Sohail Maklai & Anish Ranjan
Release date: 3 August 2007

Karan (Ajay Devgan) is a con-man who acts like a gentleman in the presence of his sweetheart and top cop Shania (Shamita Shetty). Angad (Sunil Shetty) is a mafia don who executes his missions with the help of his girlfriend Aditi (Dia Mirza). Aditi and Karan are execute a crime together. Besides, all these activities. Karan has an independent group of heist experts Puja (Esha Deol), Lucky (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Danny (Zayed Khan). The entire story takes place in South Africa. Angad summons the gang to steal 3 precious diamonds. But things go wrong in between these conmen after they get hold of the diamonds. The rest of the story is all about whether cop Shania catches this gang or not.
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Actors performances
Ajay Devan is very good with his terse outlook. He underplayed well in scenes that involve dark humor. Sunil Shetty is perfect as ruthless don. Zayed Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh are pretty alright as the heist experts vying for the attention of the same lady. Shamita Shetty fits the bill. But an actress of biggest stature would have got more prominence to the cop role she played. Dia Mirza is prim and most of her footage confines just for close-up and smiles. Esha Deol is bland in this film and she did not suit the role. Ayesha Takia does a guest appearance.

Story - Screenplay - direction: Story is heavily inspired by a plethora of Hollywood films of heist genre. Taking of the film is stylish with exotic locations. The director used cartoon (animation) narration. This kind of narration seems to have been inspired from Run Lola Run and Sin City. The screenplay of the film gets weaken in the latter part of the film. The drama aspect of the film gets a beating because the cop role played by Shamita Shetty appears dumb.

Other departments: Songs of the film are short and well shot. Photography is excellent. Locations chosen in South Africa are very good. Editing is crisp and to the point. Fights are well conceived. Production values of the film are grand.
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Analysis: First half of the film is alright. Second half slows down. This film follows the path of Dhoom 2. But what worked for Dhoom 2 was the right star cast and excellent thrills. Dhoom 2 made us forget about logic and enjoy the thrills. But in Cash, we end up questioning the logic and the script value as the star cast and the thrills did not workout that well. The runtime of the film needs to be trimmed as each and every scene is shot as if it is the introduction of hero character.

bollywoodgola.blogspot Rating:

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Shyam Benegal to make Gautam Buddha

Shyam Benegal’s forthcoming film will not be in Hindi but in Pali language, as it is based on life of Gautam Buddha. Named as Gautam Buddha this film will be funded by the Sri Lankan government and will be entirely shot in Sri Lanka.

Benegal’s film deals with the life of Gautam Buddha and Buddhism, which was first taken to Sri Lanka from India by Emperor Asoka's son Mahendra. Dr. B.K. Modi of the Mahabodhi Society approached Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi to make a film on Buddha. Dr. Dwivedi informs that India and Sri Lanka share a very special relation when it comes to Buddhism and that is one reason to Sri Lankan government funding the project.

Dr. Dwivedi further explains that Modi asked him to co-direct this movie but is now happy to know that it will be directed by Shyam Benegal. It is believed that the same film was supposed to be directed by the filmmaker Shekhar Kapur earlier who decided to opt out because of some differences. Interestingly, Dr. Modi had also approached Mira Nair to make the film on Buddha in the early '90s.

Friendship Photos 4 Friendship Day Celebration

The hottest Love scene on TV

Till a decade ago, it was films that attracted more attention than television. Today, daily soaps rule in almost every household and television is in no way lagging behind cinema. And following the trend on the big screen, the stories and scenes on the small screen have also become bold.

Love-making scenes are no more a taboo in serials. Meri Doli Tere Angana on Zee is the latest to create a flutter with a love-making scene between Simran and Ruhaan, which a source says is different from all other consummating scenes shown in TV serials to date.

For Priyamvada, who plays Simran in the serial, the scene was a challenge in itself. "I was nervous, very nervous, as it was the first time I was doing a love-making scene. Though it's a normal love scene but performing in front of so many people made me nervous," she admitted.

Thankfully, Priyamvada found a cooperative costar in Gaurav Khanna, who plays Ruhaan. "He kept telling me that it is a part and parcel of the job. That made me much more confident," the actress smiled.

Gaurav feels that such bold scenes on the small screen are inevitable given the changes the medium has undergone over the decade.

"I wasn't nervous as such, It wasn't the first time I was doing a love scene, but I have to admit that this is much bolder than the previous ones I have done," Gaurav said, adding he took it as part of his job as an actor and advised Priyamvada to do the same.

It took three re-takes for the scene to be okayed. A source said: "The actress was wearing a tube top and had a blanket draped on her shoulders. So there wasn't much difficulty as such, but the scene appears very hot."

Esha's best buddy is a Dog...

When Esha Deol arrived at a suburban hotel recently for a photoshoot of her forthcoming film Darling, her escort was promptly shown the door.

Not the hotel's fault though, as the actress had brought along her most trusted companion, her pet dog. But Esha was quick-witted to claim that the dog was also part of the shoot.

However, rules being rules, the request was turned down by the hotel management. Esha had to contend with playing with her dog during the breaks in the shooting schedule.

Word has it that Esha is so fond of her dog that she takes it along wherever she goes, even while traveling abroad. Best of buddies, it seems!

Ritesh gets beaten up by kids

In ready-to-release "Heyy Babyy", Riteish Deshmukh plays Eddy the Teddy who organises kids' parties and gets beaten up by children in true "Matrix" style.

And guess who is the leader of the brat pack? None other than producer Sajid Nadiadwala's son Subhaan.

Said director Sajid Khan: "This funny sequence is something never done in Bollywood so far.

"The kids had to be literally trained in gymnastics and action sequences. Action director Mahendra Verma has trained all these children including Subhaan to perform the stunts. The kids were harnessed to wires to get a 'Matrix' style action sequence," he said.

"The kids will just love this scene."

In this film, Riteish plays a Maharashtrian character called Tanmay Joglekar.

"He is called Eddy the Teddy since he is a party organiser for kids. He had to wear a 20-kg furry outfit for the sequence. Riteish's character is gonna be a big hit with the kids," Khan said.

Riteish was also excited about the role.

"For this particular sequence, luckily I had to wear a padded costume, though it was too strenuous. But it lessened the blow from the kids. It was simply hilarious," he said.

Subaan has earlier acted in "Main Hoo Na" and "Mujhse Shaadi Karogi". Incidentally, both films were super hits. So he may turn out to be Khan's lucky mascot in "Heyy Babyy".

Nadiadwala says he loves to see his son perform on screen.

"The scene has 100 children and they are in a mood to beat up Riteish. Subhaan is the leader of the brat pack.

"Whenever there is a sequence in films about children, I would love to have Subhaan in it. Though he is very young, he will gain experience and fond memories of the same when he grows up. Even my wife Wardha seems excited to see him perform," Nadiadwala.

Also starring Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan and Vidya Balan, the film is about three carefree bachelors whose lives turn topsy-turvy after a baby girl lands up on their doorstep. The movie is set for release Aug 24.

Salman's toughest dancing jig

If all goes well, we'll be seeing Prabhu Deva and Salman Khan sharing screen a jig or a jive in Wanted Dead And Alive…and it 'And', not 'Or'

As the excited producer Boney Kapoor stresses. "We started shooting from 21 July with two songs in Bangkok and then rest of the film will be shot in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai."

Boney is specially excited by the fact that his leading man Salman and his director Prabhu Deva will have releases simultaneously on July 20.

"Salman has Partner and Prabhu's Telugu remake of Munnabhai MBBS with Chiranjeevi in the lead are being released on the same day. So to my delight Prabhu and Salman are bonded from the start."

Yes, Boney sees them shaking a leg together in Wanted Dead And Alive. "Though Prabhu's brother Raju Sundaram will be the official choreographer, I'm sure Prabhu will make a token appearance as a good-luck charm."

Wanted Dead And Alive is a remake of the Telugu hit Pokhiri. "But we're completely taking out the Telugu aspect of the theme. In spirit Pokhiri and its remake will remain the same. But in treatment the two films will be as different as Salman and Mahesh Babu who played the original role."

This would be Prabhu Deva's first Hindi directorial venture. Any apprehensions? "Not really. I've known Prabhu from the time he choreographed and danced with Madhuri in the number "Que Sera Sera' in Pukar. I know what he's capable of."

Amitabh calls me 'Maalkin'...

Not too many people know this. But Mr Bachchan addresses Shefali Shah as 'maalkin'.

"I know!" she laughs. "It's very embarrassing when he called me that all during my husband's film Waqt and now during The Last Lear. Maybe because I was the producer's wife? To my horror he called me that during Last Lear too.

On the first day of the shoot he warned everybody, 'Don't go by her face, Because by and by she'll start changing everything on the sets…Hey,I don't do that! Of course I was critical on Vipul's set. That was my home production. But on another set I wouldn't cross the line. "

After Gandhi My Father Shefali Shah plays her producer Anil Kapoor's wife in the Subhash Ghai production Black & White.

Is she worried about the leap in intention?

"Not really," says Shefali. "Black & White is not a running-around-trees film. It's again a socially relevant film. Anilji is the hero and I'm the conventional leading lady. But I don't wear makeup, good clothes and sing songs."

Shefali informs that it was Anil who recommended Shefali. "But had it not been a good role I wouldn't have done Black & White. But it's not Gandhi My Father. Not at all. …nor is it The Last Lear, the English-language film that I've completed with Rituparno Ghosh."

The vastly talented and grossly under-used Shefali Shah is on the threshold of a new beginning in her career.

Her role as Kasturba in Feroz Abbas Khan's Gandhi My Father is already garnering rave reviews. In fact Akshaye Khanna has gone on-record to say it's the best performance in India by a female actor.

"I know Akshaye said that. And I'm deeply grateful. We've just returned from the film's world premiere and the response was overwhelming. Unfortunately Nelson Mandela couldn't come due to ill health. That was really sad, though he did send a message.

But the South African president and the whole cabinet was there. After the screening there was a stunned silence. They all told me they couldn't believe I look so different in person. A local lady who could barely speak English told me I made her cry.

I feel this film goes beyond boundaries. It's really moving. The premiere was unbelievable. Gandhi My Father is about selfless creation. Every actor and technician believed in what they were doing.

They thought of the film, not of their own interests. We all got an insight into lives that went way beyond art and acting. "

Shefali has been losing weight. "And so has my husband Vipul. I finally look the way I want to."

God forbid, Shefali gets typecast as an old woman after Gandhi My Father, a la Rohini Hattangadi after Attenborough's Gandhi.

"No way!" avers Shefali. "Because I'm the young Kasturba in most of the film. And the cinematographer has made me look look better than ever before….I don't think after this role the industry will typecast me. And even if they do, it's up to me to take or leave their offers. I've always been choosy anyway. Even if I do one film every two years it has to be something special."

Gandhi, she considers, her most important film so far. "Though I feel I could still have done better. I've never been more focused. Obviously I want to be appreciated. And I want the appreciation to be translated into a lot more. I'm at a stage where I think good things will happen to me. People are now willing to cast me in main leads.Somewhere I think I lacked the focus earlier."

Last Lear is another very special for Shefali. "I'm one of the central characters in both Gandhi My Father and The Last Lear. In Ritu's film I play my age and someone who looks after Amitji's character. I must tell you, after Vipul's unit, Ritu's was the most warm and organized unit I've worked with…very caring.

Bade pyar se thande dimaag se kaam hua. I've worked with productions where scenes are written on the sets. Sometimes I've played a character who has nothing to do with the scene given to me."

And yet she did a bit role in Yashraj Films' Mohabbatein.

"I don't regret doing that. It was a small role. But there was one good scene. After Gandhi and The Last Lear I may not do it. I took a break from acting to look after my babies, got back into shape. And now this is like my comeback. I've never felt better."

A marital rape is a sexual assault : Gulshan Grover

While stereotypes of rape get much coverage in the media, the issue of marital rape is one of the commonest crimes that remains under wraps even in educated households. A marital rape is a sexual assault in which the perpetrator is the victim's spouse.

Bollywood too has tread on this subject carefully, Kalpana Lajmi's Daman was a rare film revolving around such a plot. Now, Karan Razdan is coming up with Mittal Vs Mittal, starring Ritupurna Sen Gupta, Rohit Roy, Gulshan Grover and Suchitra Krishnamurthy. Gulshan talks about his role of a lawyer to Rohit and the film dealing with marital rape.

Q: What is Mittal V/S Mittal all about?
A: It's a story about a wife who accuses her husband of raping her. Sexual intimacy is legal only if both parties consent, forceful intimation is not legal and that's what the movie projects.

Q: Is it a Hinglish movie?
A: No. it's an Indian movie. Though, English has also been used as a medium of communication.

Q: This certainly is an educational film, but do you think the censor board will let go of all the scenes unedited?
A: There are no sex scenes in this film. It only projects the dilemma a female goes through. The trauma of marital rape is much more then the victims of any other rape. Reason: lack of social validation. It prevents the victim from sending out an SOS for help.

Q: Your personal comments on marital rape?
A: For me marriage is a social consent, as well as mutual consent. It should be lived with dignity and not disrespected. The wife should not be forced for anything without her consent, her state of mind needs to be respected. Intimacy should always be upon mutual consent.

Q: Where was the movie shot?
A: The entire movie was shot in Mumbai.

Q: What's your role in the movie?
A: I am playing a lawyer defending Rohit, and my character is loosely based on Mahesh Jethmalani. My role is that of a modern lawyer with contemporary thoughts. The movie has an hour of court scenes.

Q: So do you portray Mahesh Jethmalani in the film?
A: No, not exactly. The director has taken inspiration from this young dynamic lawyer. And my character is inspired by him.

Q: Did you seek professional help to be more convincing in a lawyer's role?
A: If I feel that the role requires exposure then I go for it. Yes, I have done some research and sought professional help for playing this character. I am aware of a lot of people who just to anything to get publicity. But I am different.

Q.:So who wins the court battle in the end, you or Suchitra?
A: (Laughs) Obviously me, I am the best.

'I'm cutting down Ash's beauty!!!'

Ram Gopal Varma is currently in Hyderabad shooting for the sequel to Sarkar. The two Bachchand Amitabh and Abhishek are with him. Aishawarya is expected to join them later during the month.

"Aishwarya plays a very strong part with shades of negative in it. I'm completely changing her image. I'm cutting her beauty down. I've gathered a large supporting cast of ugly people and put her in the middle, so she'd come out looking stunning in her naturalness."

Apparently the two Bachchan men are so taken up with Aishwarya's part that they keep joking they could play her role.

Ramu is relieved to be away from Mumbai. "Hyderabad is like coming home for me. I belong to Hyderabad though I am a total Mumbaiyite now. Some of my early films were made in Hyderabad. So life has come a full circle," he says from Ramajirao studiow where a set depicting the home of the Bachchans has been built.

"Sarkar 2 is far more original than Sarkar. It will have far less of Godfather 2 than Sarkar had of Godfather 1. Sarkar 2 isn't about the mafia. It's a family drama."

And then a whammer of a confession. "I haven't made a single original film till Sholay. Every scene shot and frame of my earlier films have been copied from some source or the other. It could be a novel, a Hollywood or an old Hindi film. If I haven't been caught out it's because people haven't been able to locate my sources. Sholay is my first original film."

Sholay, says the incorrigible Ramu, isn't an underworld film. "It's almost a throwback to the kitschy films of the 1970s, like Nasir Husain's Yaadon Ki Baraat or Chori Mera Kaam. It isn't a gangster film nor a dacoit drama. The original Sholay created an excitement by giving the audience one slammer of a scene after another. I hope to do the same."

Ramu feels Nishabd to be the senior AB's most accomplished performance to date. "I personally think Sarkar was a cakewalk in comparison. To carry off a subject matter like that isn't very easy. However making Nishabd was a mistake. When Cheeni Kum did a old man-young woman love story there was a tongue-in-cheek element to it. Nishabd was too dark. There was resistance against seeing the film."

He ponders, " Mr Bachchan in Nishabd was over-cast. It should've been done with sn actor with a much less strong image. When Victor Bannerjee fell in love with a much younger woman in Joggers Park it didn't matter whereas there was outrage about THE AMITABH BACHCHAN falling in love with his daughter's friend in Nishabd.

To me Nishabd was Mr Bachchan's most accomplished performance. But I'd rather use him in a film like Sarkar where one closeup had more impact than the whole of Nishabd."

In Sarkar 2 Ramu is showcasing the senior and junior Bachchan keeping their image in mind. "Only Aishwarya gets the privilege of revamping her image," Ramu shoots off.

Anubhav Sinha signs Murino for Chase

Remember how Subhash Ghai had signed Madhuri Dixit for a dance number in Karma? When he saw the rushes he realized Dixit was too delectable to be in just a dance number. Ghai immediately signed Madhuri for the lead in Uttar Dakshin and Ram Lakhan.

Cut to Anubhav Sinha who was all set to get Bond bombshell Caterina Murino for an item song in Cash.

"I realized I was wasting her presence in one item number," confesses Anubhav. He has now signed Murino (who played the seductress Solange in Casino Royale) for the lead in his next film entitled Chase.

The slick action flick, which Anubhav describes as his last blast will be shot entirely in Italy. “Chase will feature three new Bollywood actors, certifiable star material, whom I'm grooming right now opposite Murino."

Anubhav's production associate Aditya Bhattcharya who has a second home in Italy (Aditya is married to an Italian) is supervising all the pre-production details of what Anubhav describes as the mother of actioners. "After Dus and now Cash I need to take the action genre further. Chase will be as far as it goes. Then I'm done with these slick flicks."

Tanuja plays a colourful aunty in Haal-E-Dil

Kumar Mangat’s forthcoming film Haal-E-Dil offers an interesting role for veteran actress Tanuja. She plays a very colorful aunty in Mangat’s Home Production.

It is believed that Kumar Mangat who is a friend of Ajay Devgan insisted Ajay to talk to Tanuja about this role. Ajay Devgan read the synopsis and found the character very interesting and recommended it to Tanuja. Finally, Tanuja decided to be part of the film after reading the script.

According to Mangat, Tanuja’s character is very interesting and people will be amazed to see her in this role. It is something which Tanuja has never done before. Haal-E-Dil is directed by Anil Devgan. The film stars Kumar Mangat’s daughter Amita Mangat and Shekhar Suman’s son Adhyayan in the lead roles.

Haal-E-Dil will be releasing by the end of this year.

Sanjay Dutt shifted to Yeravada Central Jail in Pune

Sanjay Dutt has been shifted to Yeravada Central Jail in Pune on Thursday night. Dutt was sentenced for 6 years rigorous imprisonment. Yerwada Jail is on the outskirts of the city, where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned during freedom struggle days.

Dutt was taken to the Arthur Road Jail immediately after the verdict two days back, but authorities submitted a report that cited several reasons why he could not be kept at Arthur Road Jail. He was shifted to the Yeravada Jail in Pune from Mumbai under tight security after he withdrew his application to be kept in a prison in the state capital.

According to the jail official, Dutt will be in a separate high-security egg-shaped cell. He went through a medical check-up soon after his arrival. Home food will not be provided to him and he has to wear prisoner's clothes.

"Nobody links Katrina with anyone because they are too scared"

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She is sexy… she is stunning… the universe has already endorsed that, but apart from that, she is clever… put her on a social, political or a fraternity platform and boy, she can talk and be the belle of the ball. And Karan sure has a ball with none other than the hot and happening Lara Dutta. His second guest is so beautiful that she has a face that can launch almost a 1000 cosmetics… she has been in a series of successful films and is here to say… the ultra glamorous, the ultra gorgeous and the stunning Katrina Kaif. These two gorgeous girls will appear on ‘Koffee with Karan’ next.

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan: Welcome back Lara
Lara: Thanks Karan… I was hoping you have me back actually… I was a little worried when I got your call…

Karan: Last time, we had such a fun time with you and Bipasha… did I get you into trouble?
Lara: Yes… tremendously… it has taken me a whole year to undo… all the problems I caused myself…

Karan: You are looking absolutely stunning… why do I feel you are suddenly raring to go?
Lara: Because I probably am… its taken me about 3 and a half years to find my footing in the industry… to find out what I like doing … the kind of cinema that I like being part of… the kind of people that I like doing work with… I think once you have that in place… you start feeling a little more confident about yourself…

Karan: You just said some wonderful things about Amisha Patel last time?
Lara: It’s all your fault
Karan: What did I do? I just used my good old friend… the liometer…you just kept the spilling the beans… Now of course… it’s long forgotten… you and Amisha don’t cross paths anymore
Lara: Actually, I did meet her at your birthday party… all this has to do with you

Karan: And what happened when you met her?
Lara: She was really sweet… really lovely … and you know something
Karan: you felt terrible
Lara: I felt terrible after the show anyway… and I think immaturity and being caught up in the moment make you do a lot of things
Karan: But, it’s ok… it’s all part of the past….

Karan: Lara any problems with anybody at all… or things are fine?
Lara: No, things are fine…

Karan: Well, in the beginning there were… you know, you had your so-called war with Priyanka…
Lara: You know, I think the media needs a new bakra every couple of years… so, initially it was Sush and Ask and then it was Priyanka and me… and now it’s Sonam and Deepika…
Karan: Deepika… yes… Sonam and Deepika…

Karan: What happens Lara, in this industry when you get attached or you have rumors and controversies about you with leading men, which is not true. How does that place you?
Lara: You know what happens Karan… is that the media keeps falling for the same time-tested ploy, time and time again and every time there is a film releasing, the makers of the film or the publicists or whoever decide that it would be so exciting to spread these rumors that the two leading male and female stars are having a scene with each other and the media keeps falling for it again and again. All it does is, it garners publicity for a film. Once the film is out and done with, you’re linked to the next co-star you're working with!

Karan: So by the end of it, you've been attached to everybody!
Lara: Exactly! I've been linked with Abhishek, with John... So how many times are you going to keep standing up and defending yourself. What irritates me a lot is if you’re linking me with someone who’s already a married man with children, what are you trying to do? You’re trying to light a fire in somebody's marriage and your trying to break that up and that... I don't like!

Karan: It becomes embarrassing!
Lara: It becomes embarrassing and more that that... when there is no need for something like that. This industry is as it is pretty murky, without getting it murkier. For the person sitting at home who is not part of the industry who is the wife or the husband or whatever, it’s just not fair!

Karan: Well, Katrina you have been very diplomatic… I have been doing some research… looking through your interviews… trying to look for something sensational…
Katrina: Nothing na…
Karan: Nothing… why are you like this…you are young, you are beautiful… you have to say rude and nasty things once in a while… come on say something… think of something rude to say…
Katrina: I think it is probably because I came here at a later stage… post people grew up here… I think there is a certain reservation about going ahead and criticizing people who have grown up here and been here all their life… let, may be 3 or 4 years pass and I will get really over confident and then start…
Karan: Start making headlines… suddenly we will see very dramatic answers
Katrina: Yaaaa

Karan: What both of you had strangely in common was… you Lara, though you are a hard core Punjabi… you had this whole western image… everyone thought that Lara Dutta is very westernized… but of course you are a true Indian girl with the Punjabi background… but, that never came to the fore...till very recently…
Lara: But, you know, I tried to get out of the stereotype from the very first film… when I did Andaz… I did it with as hard core a Hindi film Director you can get… Raj Kanwar, and the character that I played as well was very Punjabi… I did that with No Entry, where I played a suspicious Indian housewife… these are the roles that have been appreciated…

Karan: And you have had to combat that as well Katrina… because everyone said Anglo sized, westernized… now, you dub your own films…
Katrina: Ya… I think initially it was a nice way of putting it… there are certain people… when it comes to modeling… it’s easy… people just accept you… but, in films…there is a lot of…
Lara: But, I have to say… having worked with Katrina in Partner… she gives you this huge complex… I think she is really hard working… I think she knows the fact that may be coming into this industry … I think she is really dedicated… she knows this is where she wants to be… and she is going to go all out to get it… and I really admire that…

Karan: Hindi was totally not known to you…
Katrina: Ya… it was pretty much alien… and then I started out with doing South movies…

Karan: Do you remember, any one funny line you had to say… that you couldn’t get in a South Indian film…
Katrina: No… because I was pretty honest and straight forward… the dialogues would some time come at the end of the day and they would say, Madam, can you please learn these dialogues and come tomorrow for the shooting and I was like, No… don’t show that to me

Karan: So what did you do?
Katrina: I always learnt it… but I would learn it according to the shot…

Monty Sharma still to begin Sawariya background score

Contrary to reports about Monty Sharma being under pressure to deliver the right background music for Sawariya the podgy versatile composer has actually started work on the non-vocal aspect of the film's epic music on Wednesday August 1.

Says a source very close to the project, "Where's the question of Monty being pressurized by the director to scrap and redo the background music when in fact Monty began composing Sawariya's background score only on Wednesday morning?" Prior to that Sanjay and Monty spent more than one year finalizing the tunes, vocalists and arrangements for all the songs.

Says the source, "Though the music of Bhansali's films has always been a predominant motif, never has so much stress been put on putting across the drama and emotions of the script through the songs. There are love songs, mujras, a qawwalli…its Sanjay Leela Bhansali's most ambitious score ever."

No wonder the most eagerly-awaited music soundtrack of 2007 is undoubtedly Sawariya. Now it can be told. Sawariya has a total of 12 songs by singers as varied as Alka Yagnik, Kunal Ganjawala and Richa Sharma. Not all the songs will feature in the film.

Coming back to the background score, Monty Sharma has already proved his passion and prowess in the non-vocal arena with his background scores for Sanjay Bhansali's Devdas and Black. "Monty is expected to take at least the next two months to compose the background music. That's how long it took him to do the score for Black," adds the source. The music will be released in September while the film's release date remains unchanged at November 7. A separate album of Sawariya's background score is expected to be released after the film's release.

Kareena Kapoor’s ‘train’ed by Lover!

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Actress Kareena Kapoor has never travelled by train. And so, it was quite hilarious when she was shooting a ‘train scene’ for Imtiaz Ali’s yet-to-be-titled film with beau Shahid Kapoor. The actress was required to jump into a running train, and didn’t quite know how to do it. So Shahid, who has travelled in trains before he became an actor, helped her with the scene step-by-step, we hear. It did require quite a few takes, but Kareena finally managed well. By now, she must definitely be well-‘train’ed we are sure!

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