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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rs. 30 – Rs. 40 crores?

Is Akshay Kumar charging anywhere between Rs. 30 and Rs. 40 crores [inclusive of a cut in the profits] per film? That’s the buzz in the industry! “I keep reading fluctuating figures in the newspapers, every second day. It’s far from true,” Akshay smiles.

So what’s the truth? Isn’t he demanding a cut in the profits of the film? “Yes, I am and I don’t see any harm in it. If you’re selling the film on the strength of an actor, why shouldn’t I get a share in it? Make your money, but give me a share too. In any case, my fee is never on the higher side. For me, not just my producer, everyone involved in the film has to make money. The economics have to work for everyone,” Akshay reasons.

Meanwhile, Akshay is enjoying the current phase of superstardom. “I’ve consistently delivered hits in the past, but it’s only now that people have woken up to an actor called Akshay Kumar,” he smiles.

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