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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Abhishek Bachchan in Taare Zameen Pa

Taare Zameen Par is a story of a kid suffering from dyslexia. To create awareness about this disorder an example of Abhishek Bachchan is used in the film, who also suffered from this disorder. Aamir Khan took prior permission from the Bachchans to make this reference and use Abhishek’s name and picture as an example of success in spite of suffering from dyslexia at a young age.

Abhishek is among the crème de la crème of Bollywood today. The disorder did not stop him from creating a place for himself in the film industry and become a successful star. That’s the message Aamir gives to the kids in the film. Like Abhishek, many known personalities fall in this category, which include the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Winston Churchill, Keanu Reeves, Albert Einstein and Tom Cruise.

Taare Zameen Par is all set to release on December 21 and marks the directorial debut of Aamir Khan.

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