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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kasmera giving me hell:Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant didn't know what hit her when last week on the dance competition Nach Baliye 3 fellow- contestants Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik did an act based entirely on Rakhi's unsavoury kissing controversy with the singer Mika.

Rakhi went visibly pale when Grover and Kaushik started their jig.

This time the item queen isn't in the mood to forgive and forget. "I went blank when I saw them. My heartbeats stopped. If they had warned me about what they were going to do I wouldn't have come to watch from the audience.

I became so tense anything could've happened to me. Then what would have happened to my act which followed this piece of unauthorized dirty dancing?"

Rakhi openly accuses her colleagues on Nach Baliye of catty behaviour. "They're trying their best to demoralize me. I'm in a bad state. If it's not fellow-dancers like Karan then it's Kasmira Shah giving me hell.

The kind of names and comments I get would make any other girl give up.My partner Abhishek tells me to ignore all this.

But when you rehearse for a week and then just before your act you're shaken by someone trying to belittle you, then it does seem like sabotage. Karan and his partner could have done anything in the ched-chad special. Why pick on something from my life?"

Adds Rakhi, "In the same episode Abhishek and I replicated Gopi Krishna and Sandhyaji's immortal dance number Ja ri hat natkhat from Navrang. There's a decency to be observed even when doing ched-chad on stage. I felt very bad.

If the other contestants don't have it in them to do something so classical, why be openly jealous? I praise the other contestants on their face even when they dance badly. No one encourages me. Very frankly, Abhishek and I don't need anyone encouragement.

No one was there for me when I started out. Producers would openly ask me to sleep with them. I had to hear vulgar comments and vulgar propositions. I've kicked and crawled up.

And I will do my best for my boyfriend. I want Abhishek to be a breadearner like me so we can walk through life shoulder to shoulder."

Rakhi is determined to bear the digs on Nach Baliye. "If not for my sake then my boyfriend's. This is his last chance, and I won't allow it to be ruined. People thought I could only do item songs with that Navrang number I've proved Rakhi Sawant can be traditional and classical."

She has currently set side her entire career for Nach Baliye. "There's no time for anything else. We get one week to prepare for every episode. Within that period we've to make sure we're the best.

And then the last thing I need is for other contestants to pull me down. They say an item girl can never be an icon. That really hurts. Am I not a humanbeing. Don't I have dreams? All the contestants are secretly working against me all the time

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