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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big twist in Akki's comic plot!

Strange are the ways of show world. While the Hindi chant Hare krishna hare rama in Bhool Bhulaiya had some fundamental elements incensed, another song Allah haazif seems to be targeted at a Muslim audience to coincide with Eid.

Producer Bhooshan Kumar completely denies this. "We had the catchy phrase Alla hafiz in mind for a long time. You know how these lines like Mashaa Aallah and Ya Ali are working with the younger generation.

So there was a situation for a road song in Bhool Bulaiya where Allah Haazif worked fine. That the film is being released on Eid and the Muslim audiences would like that number is just a coincidence."

As for the Hare rama chant Bhooshan explains, "Yes there was some objection to the visuals of a Buddha statue and some glamour elements. We removed them. Even then some people objected to the song. But since it was approved by the Censors there isn't much that anyone can do."

Though the promotional clippings of Bhool Bhulaiya give the impression of being a comedy Bhooshan outright denies the film a place in the genre of hilarity.

"Of course Bhool Bhulaiya has a lot of funny moments. But those moments are combined with a supernatural element. This is a supernatural comedy, something never done before."

The T Series head honcho feels the days of the ouch-and-ouch comedies are numbered. "Partner did well. But Dhamaal and Dhol were not the hits they were expected to be. I think the audience is looking for a twist in their comedy. Bhool Bhulaiya provides that twist."

There's no funny stuff in Bhooshan Kumar's two forthcoming films.

"We have Nagesh Kukunoor's Aashayen and the other project tentatively titled Tasveer. Both serious films."

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