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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sajid Khan goes the family way

Ever since the release of Heyy Babyy, there have been speculations abound about Sajid Khan's next film. Some media reports indicated a sequel in the offering while a section announced Sajid to be coming up with an action thriller.

Contrary to all the stories making the rounds, reality is something else. The fact is that Sajid has already started working on the script of his next film which is going to be yet another family entertainer with comedy as its base. The film will have Sajid and Milap Zaveri writing the script with Sajid Nadiadwala as the producer.

"Deep inside my heart, it was always a thriller that I wanted to make next. But around a week back, Milap came to me with a script idea which I couldn't resist translating on screen. It has a kind of subject to which you cannot say no. Hence, I have kept my action thriller on the backburner for the moment and rather concentrating on developing this script which is going to be light hearted yet again", explains Sajid.

What makes him rope in another writer for his new film? "I have always believed that writing is a team work. Also, you cannot be a sole writer of a film as well as its director. Collaboration is a key word when it comes to getting the ideas flowing," elaborates Sajid about his sense of film making.

Drawing parallels with Hollywood, he further informs, "I am not comparing myself to these great directors but even Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese or Alfred Hitchcock have directed films on the stories written by a different writer. Directing is a focused activity and I better be very good in that. Also, I have to leave the baggage of being a director who has delivered a superhit with his very first film."

Isn't that difficult? "No point basking in your glory. Also, I shouldn't be acting smart or believing in myself to be a different person after a success. If that was the case, I wouldn't have gone back to television and host shows. I am happy to be grounded and be the same old Sajid", he says modestly.

By making yet another family oriented film, isn't he restricting his genres? "That's not something which I am thinking of at the moment. People want to watch a good film and this is what I promise to them. I am not even claiming that I am embarking on making a great film. I would be the most foolhardy person if I say so," concludes Sajid.

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