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Thursday, September 20, 2007

"I haven't been credited for my song in Go" - Prasanna Shekhar

Young composer Prasanna Shekhar may not be miffed but he is hurt for sure. Soundtrack of Ram Gopal Varma's next offering Go has arrived on the stands and to his horror, he has realized that he has not been adequately credited for his song 'Kaash' in the film.

"I wasn't aware about this issue at all until my friends had a look at the album and informed me that a girl called Sneha Khanwalkar's name appeared on the credits. I was shocked as I had not even heard about Sneha in the past, let alone meeting her", says an emotionally charged Prasanna.

Did he take up the matter with Ram Gopal Varma? "I did and he did admit that there was a mistake somewhere. He has promised that in the next lot of CDs that hit the stands, correction would be made in the credits", informs Prasanna who has been associated with Ramu in films like Sarkar, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag and Darling in the past.

Has this episode left a bad taste in his mouth? Says Prasanna after a thoughtful pause, "I won't say so. It is just that I want the world to know that who is the person behind 'Kaash'. I have been told that it has turned out to be one of the most appreciated songs in the album. As a budding composer, the least I want is to be recognized for my efforts."

Did he ever think of joining the bash-Ramu brigade? Ever since the release of his Aag, anyone and everyone is seen taking advantage of the situation?

"What's the point in that", revolts Prasanna, "Whatever I am today is because of Ramu. He may say that he is not in the business of mentoring people and all his associations are purely business drive. I disagree. I feel that he has given this industry dozens of technicians and if you are talking to me today, it is because of Ramu."

"In fact after hearing the soundtrack of Go, Ramu was mighty impressed. He had in fact gone on record to say these were the best songs he had heard in last five years for his home production. I am now looking at audience’s reaction when the film releases", says 29 years old Prasanna hopefully.

Crooned by Farhad Bhiwandiwala and Priyadashani, 'Kaash' comes close to the style of 'Zehreela Zehreela Pyaar' [Daud] in the way it is paced with husky vocals to boast. Appearing in two versions, this Sarim Momin written number has a western classical feel in the way it is orchestrated.

Ram Gopal Varma was unavailable for his comment.

Starring newcomer Gautam along with Nisha Kothari, Go is directed by debutant Manish Srivastav and is releasing all over on 28th September.

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