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Monday, January 7, 2008

Unmarried Girls Show Lust For Married Men

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"Unmarried young girls show their lust for married men. Married men look hot for them. Hence they go close to married men very fast". Indeed, we are not saying this. This is the saying of Bollywood actress Amritha Rao who acted with Mahesh Babu in 'Athidhi'.

Actress Amritha Rao seems to be traditional in approach but 'hot and trendy' in outlook and observation. She confirms many things with lot of authenticity. She puts no filter and says her opinions by generalizing.

She also said, "Every girl wishes to end her dating episode with kiss. But men tend to go 'beyond' that. It depends on the girl and also the 'situation' to take decision. It is in fact difficult to end the dating episode with kiss many times".

Is that not a bold talk!!

And saying about herself she says, "If I get attracted to any married man I would certainly control my senses. Who knows? Any other girl may eye on my husband in future. I cannot just imagine that. And another thing to share-I don't know why I tend for old men!"

That's a new angle in Amritha.

Finally she says, "I don't have any boy friend till now. It's really surprising even for me why I didn't have any BF so far. Many girls are finding 'hot' boy friends when they enter 9 th and 10th standards. But I don't know why I don't have one".

Should we believe this? It's at your discretion.

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