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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kunal Khemu injures his back

Kunal Khemu playing a double role in his forthcoming flick Superstar injured his back while working out in the gym. When asked about it, Kunal replied, “Nothing serious, it was a small injury and I am back to work now.”

The promos of his upcoming film Superstar is all over the television. Giving a gist of the film, Kunal says, “The film revolves around two identical looking guys who are very different from each other in every aspect, be it their upbringing or ambitions in life. Being poles apart how their lives change after they accidentally meet each other face-to face, is what the story is in totality,” says Kunal.

Kunal claims to share a great rapport with Rohit Jugraj, the director of Superstar. “I have been fortunate enough to work with directors who have such distinct style of filmmaking, be it Bhatt Saab whom I really look up to or Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, who have created a niche for themselves in the industry.” He also adds, “Rohit Jugraj is full of life and filled with zest, he transfers the same attitude into his film.”

Kunal Khemu is known for his versatility to do any character or role. On querying about his variant roles in the near future, he informs, “It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to be accepted by my audience in all that I have done so far. As an actor, I feel accomplished having explored different genre every time. Even in future, I would love to do action and romantic films.”

Cherishing the pleasant moments during the entire shoot he laughs, “It had become an everyday routine for me and Tulip (who plays his love interest in Superstar), to laugh for no reason. The entire unit had become habitual to our craziness and pretended to be oblivious to it.”

As far as the promotions of the film are concerned, audience will get to see two Kunal Khemu's giving interviews in their respective characters.

Kunal also claims Superstar to be a refreshing treat for his fans who have always wanted to see him dancing and singing on screen. To which he says, “Superstar brings me in a new light. The story sounds very cliché but trust me the USP of the film lies in its story. Superstar is a complete commercial entertainer.”

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