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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Koena's unpleasant New Year party

While New Years brought in joy and happiness everywhere, the seductive and steamy Koena Mitra was very disturbed. On New Year’s Eve, at a 5-Star Hotel in Mumbai, an unknown person made advances at Mitra.

“The man misbehaved with me hence the hotel authorities asked him to leave the premises,” says Mitra. A male guest was pestering Koena not once but thrice. Since Koena did not respond to his repetitive efforts, he made things worse for the actress. Initially, he wanted to show her the features on his cell phone, then enquired her email id and then finally he clutched her by the waist and pulled her closer. She struck back by pushing him and punching his neck. “I certainly do not want to make it an issue and I am not comfortable discussing this,” adds Koena.

Issue or not, New Years need to be carefully monitored and security needs to be tighter for celebs and for the layman. What say junta?

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