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Thursday, January 10, 2008

'I can't do films with Sonam'

It has happened before. The parent is always wary of being seen with their star-child specially at the beginning of the newcomer's career.

Dimple Kapadia said no to Sanjay Bhansali's Khamoshi with daughter Twinkle and Dharmendra agreed to play Sunny and Bobby Deol's father in Apne after so many decades in the industry (Dharmendra did play Sunny's dad in his second film Sunny but they didn't have scenes together).

To no one's surprise Anil has turned down a chance to co-star with his daughter in her second film the much talked-about Dilli 6.

Says Anil, "It's true Rakeysh Mehra offered me a role in Dilli 6. But I regretfully declined. Who wouldn't want to work with Rakeysh after Rang De Basanti? Sonam is lucky to be working with him in her second film, after THE Sanjay Bhansali as her debut."

For now Anil has decided to stay away from offers to share screen space with his daughter. "In fact there have been 8-10 offers. But nothing that would tempt me into making this move right away.

Unless something really exceptional comes up I wouldn't like to work with my daughter at the moment. In fact she is even more against the idea than I am. She feels even more strongly about it. So I'd just like to wait."

He lights up at the mention of Saawariya. "The figures have come in straight from Sony Pictures in the US. And they're very heartening. I'd have been happier if the film had done even better in India. But it's done well enough.

Sonam has been appreciated unanimously. People like Amitji and Dilip Saab have praised her. Sonam couldn't have hoped for a better debut.

I'm very proud of my daughter. Yes, she has a long way to go. I think her second film is as exciting,if not more."

Adds Sonam, "I've done two shoots with my father and one AIDS feature.All through he was more worried about me than himself. So I don't think it's fair to him to put have me as a co-star.

Also, right now I'm too raw to separate my father from the character he'd play with me. Besides I wouldn't want to do any and everything with him. It has to be something special for both of us.

But if he produces a film that has a role for both of us I'd definitely want to do it. Because he produces only quality-conscious products."

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