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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Salman & I were never at war: Priyanka Chopra

2007 was a year of turmoil for Priyanka. There were legal and police hassles regarding financial endeavours. At home her dad struggled with a serious illness.

Sighs Priyanka, "There were other problems created by various people. I’ve accepted those as an inevitable part of each year.

The more popular you get the more the number of people who want to target you. That’s fine. It’s a professional hazard. You’ve got to take it in your stride.

But the best happening of the year was dad coming home from hospital hopefully whole and healed. On the professional front I had Salaam-e-Ishq at the beginning of the year and Big Brother later, both box office disappointments.

But I’m going to make up in 2008 with four to five releases beginning with the comedy God Tussi Great Ho with Salman."

Salman and Priyanka seem to have made up. "When were we ever at loggerheads?" she blinks diplomatically.

"In 2007 I completed two mega-marathons Drona and Love Story 2050. These two films took up a lot of time. The shooting for these films took extra time because of the special effects. I also hurt myself while shooting for Drona."

1 comment:

Ashi said...

Hey ,

I'm a huge fan of Priyanka !!
&I'm really waiting for all her releases this year....
Especially Love story 2050 coz its bollywood's first sci-fi movie & also in the movie Harman Baweja is making his debut…

Well, I have seen the song & promos on TV & they seem really interesting…
Harman dances really well & Priyanka looks stunning in her red hair…

Check this for proof:



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