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Friday, October 5, 2007

Still photographer of Dharm cries foul

Akanksha Sood who did the still photographs of Bhavna Talwar's film claims she is fighting her own Dharm-yuddh.

According to Akanksha, Bhavna who has been looking for a support from the Dharm crew to get the film into the Oscars has no business asking for her team's support. "Because Bhavna hasn't fully paid me for my work. I worked with Bhavna for 69 days. But I was paid only per contract for 42 days, and that too a day before the film's release." However Akanksha insists money isn’t the issue here. "I'm more bothered about the fact that I wasn’t credited for my work. My name isn't mentioned as the still photographer in the credit titles of the film. All I want is that my name be restored at least in the DVD version of the film."

While Bhavna Talwar refuses to comment on Akansha’s allegations a member of her team says, "Bhavna was not really happy with Akanksha's work.That's why her name was not mentioned in the credit titles. However, Bhavna has paid Akanksha's dues and has an NOC to show for it. In fact, Akanksha came for the premiere of Dharm. Why would she do that if she was so unhappy with the treatment she got?"

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