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Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm getting greedy by the day: Bips

Saturday was the last day of shooting for Abbas-Mustan's Race. "It has shaped up so well in spite of the delay. I'm looking forward to its release. It's my first comedy. As time passes I'm getting greedier by the day. So yes, I'm looking at scripts abroad."

Bipasha Basu is currently looking at several international scripts. "Within a month I'll be signing my first international film. Time? I'll make time for it if it's worth my while. English is a language I'm very comfortable with."

Bipasha does have an international personality. "And the one thing that I'm very strongly going to oppose is any effort to slot me as an Indian with a sing-song voice, in any international project.

If I was willing to play the stereotypical Indian I'd be doing Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Ltd and so many other projects that have come my way. But I want to play mainstream normal characters in West, not ethnic Asian people."

In fact John Abraham plays a non-Indian in Deepa Mehta's Luna.

"Yes, " concedes. "To have a global diction certainly helps. Any filmmaker that I've met abroad has liked my voice. The way I speak is what they liked the best about me. Everything is in-sync sound out there. So a correct voice and diction is a major battle won."

Elaborating further Bipasha adds, "There're so many really beautiful actresses from Korea and China who have failed to make the grade abroad because of their thick accents. I don't want to unlearn my language. Whatever parts come my way abroad don't need me to change my voice or personality in any way."

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