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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Celina refutes Aishwarya's claim

Celina is all set to play the mythical beauty Sheherzade in the international project The Quest Of Sheherzade.

For the petite beauty the most exciting part of this fantasia-project is the rugged action. "It's a role that requires extensive stunts. Fortunately my father is an army officer. I learnt horse riding in school.

But doing so without a saddle requires plenty of training. And I'm off to the US in Februray 2008. Shooting starts probably in Turkey next Summer."

The Sheherzade role sounds quite a lot like what Aishwarya Rai did in her just-released international project The Last Legion.

Apparently Celina was offered Ms Rai's role in the new Pink Panther, a matter hotly denied by Ms Rai's business manager from LA.

Celina exudes a startling confidence when she says, "With due respects to Aishwarya and her LA business manager, my work in the US is looked after by Brillstein-Grey who also look after names like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom and Andy Garcia. The script was sent through my agents.

And then it was also sent to Shilpa Shetty…I'm aware of that. I'm not aware of where the project went after that. Nor am I interested in getting into a slinging match over a film that I didn't do. I'd rather talk about what I'm doing."

Celina has just completed another international project called Love Has No Language. "It's directed by first-timer Ken Khan who was involved with the Lord Of The Rings project. It's an out-and-out romantic film."

Celina is candid enough to admit she didn't get along too well with her Australian co-star Ben Mitchell ( the big-name tv star from the soaps Shortland Streets and Neighbours).

"Out there in New Zealand they look for a hectic social life after work. I've gone through late-night partying in college. I don't need that any more. I'm very much a ghar ki murgi….very dull and ordinary …. So yes, Ben and I just faced the camera went our separate ways."

What's with Celina and all these international honours?

Now comes news that Celina has been invited as India's ambassador to Egypt.

"I still don't know why,or how they selected me for this honour," the petite beauty has the sense of humour to laugh at the unlikelihood of 'Celine The Brand Ambassador'

"I don't know if they've seen my films in Egypt or if they even watch my films there."

Perhaps her debut film Jaan Nasheen with its rather Middle Eastern feel and texture worked in her favour?

Celina mulls over that one. "Hmmm….could be. I don't know. I don't have that great a body of work to boast of. I admit I've done some awful films. But things are finally coming together. I'd say Vikram Bhatt's Red is the film that got me noticed abroad.

That's how I got the Sheherzade project. They also saw my song in Khalid Mohamed's Silsilay Maybe that's what prompted the Egyptian government to invite me to pick a delegation."

While the names accompanying Celina for the big meet on September 30 are yet to be decided, producer-director Suneel Darshan is being mentioned as one of the delegates.

Says Celina, "With due respects to all my producers Suneelji is the first director to package and project me so well in Shaka Laka Boom Boom.

Otherwise I'm just perceived as a body with no brains," says Celina who claims she reads anything from Emily Bronte to comic books.

"But when you're in a glamorous profession you know where one's brain is supposed to be," she ends with a throaty laugh.

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