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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

'50 Lakh': a 2-city release

Releasing a film with as many prints as possible in its first round is the normal practice these days. But Percept Picture Company has decided to adopt a different strategy for their new film 50 LAKH.

Percept has decided to release the film in Mumbai city-suburbs and Pune city in the first round [10-15 screens only], not releasing the film anywhere else. Yes, you read it right. The film won’t open in any other circuit like Delhi-U.P., Punjab, Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan and Bihar -- except these two centres -- in the first round.

The reason, according to Sunny Khanna of Percept, is, “We want to test the waters before we expand the release and open other territories. We want to see how it grows on the audience. We will increase the prints subsequently.”

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