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Friday, January 4, 2008

Punish those dirty molesters: Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu: "Those dirty hooligans who apparently molested two women on New Year's day should be punished so severely that no pervert would dare to try these dirty ugly acts ever again.

The offenders should be tracked down and disciplined publicly. I've been a single woman in Mumbai and used to be proud of the city.

But cheap and filthy men like the ones who struck on New Year's day are destroying the city's safe reputation.

And why should only cops be responsible for the law and order? Even the man on the road should help in such a situation. Ultimately it's the people who define a city.

Shabana Azmi: "Take Back The Night was a slogan coined by a the women's movement to demand basic security for women. Every rule of civilized society demands that security should be provided for women.

We used to pride ourselves on Mumbai being a safe city. Surety of punishment for the offenders is a more effective deterrent than the severity of punishment."

Vaibhavi Merchant: "Going to any public place on 31 st December is scary specially in Mumbai. This incident only verifies my worst fears about the city.

Only the cops can keep the city safe. It's really sad the such an incident went unnoticed. They should've thrashed the shit out of those drunken louts.

However Mumbai cannot be called unsafe because of some hooligans.This incident should serve as a wakeup-call for 2009.

Sushmita Sen: "It's a repulsive incident. I feel very violated and upset when humanbeings relinquish their human qualities and begin to behave like beasts. It's not a question of Mumbai alone.

It's not a geographical issue. Disgraceful people like these molestors make the world an unsafe place. I pray these offenders are caught and punished severely.My heart goes out to both the couples.

Hema Malini: "I thought Mumbai was the safest city in the world. This incident has shocked me. Those men should be punished right away, and that too in public. And the cops how did they allow it happen?

I feel parents with daughters should be careful on nights like these when men are drunk.

Malaika Arora: "I've always considered Bombay to be a safe place for women. But not any longer. I'm sure most women in the city feel the same way after the shocking barbaric incident.

Mahesh Bhatt: "Mumbai has always been unsafe. My wife was once molested way back in the 1980s and had to fight her way out of a mob. The media is now spotlighting the average Indian's repressed sexuality.

Arbaaz Khan: "Mumbai is surely one of the safest cities in the world. However some recent incidents are alarming and cause for worry."

Raveena Tandon: "I wouldn't say Mumbai is completely unsafe. But it's getting there. The authorities should punish the offenders so severely that it sets an example for future. No one should dare to do what happened with those two women on New Year's.

Koena Mitra: "Why only Mumbai city? No city is swafe any more for women. I feel for the two women who were manhandled on New Year's even. Poor things! My soul trembles at what they must have gone through.

Nobody is safe anywhere. All us showbiz girls like Bipasha, Tanushree and Celina are out of towners. No matter how much security we have we're still not safe.

We really need much harsher punishments for eveteasers. Punish them so hard, cut off their limbs, so they wouldn't dare to misbehave with women again."

Amrita Arora: "I think New Years nite is pretty unsafe. People are drunk and behave in a weird manner. There must be much more cops and security in crowded places during such occasions."

Priyanka (Nisha) Kothari: "That such a thing can happen in Mumbai is really shocking.. One always thought the city was absolutely safe for girls. But I don't feel the same way any more."

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