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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Showbiz has love, sex & more: Tushar Jalota

To Tushar Jalota goes the dubious distinction of being the last debutant of 2007.

The nervous but confident newcomer suffers from no insecurity.

"If the others are star-children with fathers and godfathers, I'm the product Mahesh Bhatt Saab's Vishesh Films. In fact Mukeshji's son Vishesh and I have been in school since kidergarten. That's how I got into Vishesh Films."

Tushar has assisted the Bhatts on as many as six productions before getting a break as a leading man in Showbiz which opens this week.

"And here too in my debut film I did everything from serving tea to fixing the light to helping the directorial assistant.

So rather than feeling disadvantaged as the last debutant of 2007 I'm feeling extremely privileged. Because I know more about camera angles and lighting than the average newcomer."

Showbiz, a desi take on the Hollywood film Paparazzi is about the paparazzi in Mumbai over-stepping the line of decorum.

"I play an out-of-towner who wins a talent contest named Voice Of India and is then targeted constantly by a section of the press. Yes we've dared to question the ethics of a section of the press.

And for that we're willing to suffer the consequences. In fact I suspect some papers will either not review our film or give it a bad review. That's okay. Mahesh Bhatt Saab has always had the guts to take on sacred cows.

I couldn't have attended a better school of life," gushes the newest newcomer in tinsel town, and adds that some of the incidents in the film are identifiable with real life incidents.

"But we mean no harm to anyone, or cast aspersions on any institution," says Tushar piously.

Incidentally he auditioned the film's leading lady Mrinalini Sharma for Showbiz.

"Yes," laughs the wannabe. "I auditioned Mrinalini. She then ended up doing Vishesh Films' Awaarapan first. That was more time-consuming because it was shot abroad. Showbiz took a little longer to complete.

But I'm happy. The delay gave me a chance to learn on my job.Now I feel scared about the future. Will I get producers who make me feel as comfortable as the Bhatts?"

The film is directed by choreographer Saroj Khan's son Raju Khan. "We were both new and eager to learn. We've put everything in Showbiz including love and sex.

But it's not a run-of-the-mill film, and it isn't a high- profile unconventional film either," the newcomer lays down his pragmatic fundas.

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