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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reel Buzz: Aamir Khan Plays Shankar's 'Robot'?

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This is the new grapevine that is spreading in the industry. It is said that no sooner than Sharukh Khan turned off to go ahead with Shankar for the film 'Robot', Aamir Khan is turning on for the same. The projects left out by SRK are being taken away by Aamir Khan and they are proving to be hits. Now Aamir Khan is continuing the same old phenomenon again. The Interesting aspect is that Aamrir Khan is willing to produce this scientific thriller as well by investing about a Rs 100 cr. Another factor to be underlined is that Ameer Khan is going to play dual role in this film as scientist and Robot. The plot goes this way- A scientist invents a Robot to take care of his child. But when he knows that the Robot kills a few people, he puts an end to it.

Earlier when Shankar narrated this theme to SRK, Hrithik is supposed to play Robot and SRK, the scientist. Now both are to be played by Aamir Khan.

Now one knows how far truth holds in this gossip. It is also said that Ajith is showing interest in working with Shankar for Robot. Let us wait until the news comes officially.

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