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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Prakash Jha to produce Nana's directorial venture

After the hilarious takeoff on the cult of goofy gangsterism in Welcome, Nana Patekar is in a great mood. He received a call from Ratan Jain of Venus asking him to direct another film.

"I'm deeply moved by the industry's faith in my directorial abilities. But I'm an actor, first and last,” says Nana from his home in Pune where he's recovering from a foot injury. He directed his first film Prahaar 16 years ago.

"And now I’m directing another film for producer Prakash Jha. For now that's the only film I'm going to direct," says the versatile actor who was recently seen giving a moving performance as a man remembering moments with his dead wife in the short story Gubbare for Dus Kahaniyaan.

"Whether it’s a comedy like Welcome or a serious role like Gubbare, I do my job as an actor and leave the rest to God and the director." Anil and Nana seem to have had a lot of fun doing the press meets together. "Oh yes, we didn’t plan any of those funny lines that we threw at the press conferences. We just kept making them up. In fact, I joked with Anil that he should produce my next film so he won't be able to throw me out if he had differences with me as an actor."

Nana intends to stay confined until his foot heals completely. "If I walk on it, it might get damaged again."

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