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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Meet the ideal man in Esha's life

She's papa's pet. "But not as much as my younger sister Ahana," Esha Deol celebrating her legendary dad Dharmendra's 72nd birthday, said on Saturday.

"No one in our entire family resembles Dad as much as Ahana. I think he sees a lot of himself in her face, her nose, her eyes, etc."

Ahana a painter by choice, made a beautiful painting for her father's birthday.

Esha had something unique for her dad.

"I've been shopping for him all around the world for many months now, collecting the clothes that suit him and he likes to wear. In fact in the last six months when he has come into the limelight again, I've become his costume designer.

So my gift for him is this suitcase of clothes that I've been collecting. Actually I don't like shopping for myself. I like shopping only for my dad and my little niece."

The two babies in the family?

"Nooooo! Dad is not a baby. He's very very tough, though with a very soft heart," says the proud daughter sentimentally as she along with her sister and mom got ready to spend the day with the man they love the most.

"He's a hard act to follow up. I look for my dad in my male friends… and find them quite inadequate. Dad is my teddybear. I hug him and the world seems a nicer place."

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