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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bipasha & Ranbir's Secret Test

Bipasha & Ranbir's Secret Test

Bipasha Basu and Ranbir Kapoor took a day off for a photo-session to check out their on-screen compatibility.

While Bipasha had coloured her hair, Ranbir had cut his tidal tresses from Saawariya to a much more manageable length.

Ranbir's immediate struggle is to get into three different looks for three phases of his character's love life in his next film for Yashraj Films to be directed by Siddharth Anand.

For the film which Ranbir insists is NOT a remake of the 1999 Chris O'Donnell romantic comedy The Bachelor, the young actor is required to get into three totally different looks.

The character has to go from age 17 to age 28 and finally to age 35.

Would the 25 -year old be able to pull off the role of a man 10 years older?

The director and actor have spent the last one week getting Ranbir to look older. The actor had his long hair cut by Aalim) to an austere executive styled haircut. Ranbir also plans to sport a stubble to look 35.

For the younger role of the hero at the age of 17 Ranbir intends to sport long hair and a beatnik cool-dude attitude,with clothes and accessories to match.

Says Ranbir, "I've to look compatible with my leading ladies, and yes, this is my first of the three looks for my new film. Working with Siddarth is a very give-and-take thing. We've been friends from the time both of us were kids.

His father is my dad's best friend and his mom and my mom are close friends. So naturally we had no choice but to be friends."

So would Ranbir be working with his childhood chums turned friends, just like the other star-son Abhishek who has done two films with his langotiya pal Goldie Behl?

"I don't know about the future. But right now it's fun working with a friend," says Ranbir.

The film actually goes on the floors on 24 November. But the test shoots are on. And Ranbir is fully into courting his four lovely co-stars in four different sections of the film.

From a single-mindedly devoted saawariya to a roving-eyed casonova…not bad.

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