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Monday, October 8, 2007

Sonam and Ranbir embarrassed to be labelled

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A story in a tabloid that Sonam Kapoor threw a royal tantrum on the sets of one of her promotional television programmes has the young debutante as embarrassed as another story declaring Ranbir to be a gay icon.

Says Sonam, "Yes, it's true that I re-shot one portion of one of my promotional programmes on Channel V. But please, there was no starry tantrum. I was very apologetic." Sonam further explains, "I've been tutored in the Sanjay Bhansali school of filmmaking. Over there, we were taught to strive for the best, no matter what the medium. For me a tv show isn't a chalta hai occasion. So after shooting the whole day if I re-shot for fifteen minutes does that make me a tantrum thrower?"

Ranbir Kapoor is even more embarrassed at being called a gay icon by the same tabloid. "I'm just starting out. My first film isn't released. I'm in no position to be called any kind of icon. Once I prove myself I'd be happy to be loved by any community of people."

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