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Thursday, October 4, 2007

J.P's quiet birthday, all set to launch his next

Movie Moghul J.P. Dutta turned a year older yesterday(3 October). The day was spent with family and colleagues from the office. The rush generally seen to greet the epic maker was missing.

But JP was happy to be with the people he counted on. "At my age you begin to look back on your life and all the experiences that have gone into making me the person that I am," confessed JP on his birthday.

Any chances of penning his memoirs, as his father O.P.Dutta did a few years ago? "Not a chance!" chuckles JP. "Firstly I don't have my father's writing skills. Secondly I'm not as honest as he is."

An honest confession: J.P Dutta is all set to start a new film. It will in all probability star Anupam Kher's son Sikandar. Adds JP's lovely and devoted wife Bindiya, "You know JP for so many years. He's never defeated for long. He has seen the industry change its colours after a couple of failures. He feels exactly like that Guru Dutt song Dekhi zamanein ki yaari bichde sabhi baari-baari. "

It looks like the failure of Umrao Jaan hasn't daunted JP at all. He's all set to return with a bang, and for the first time without the crutches of gigantic stars. "Why do you say that?"quips JP. "Have you forgotten Refugee? Have you forgotten that Abhishek and Kareena were newcomers when I got them into this film?"

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