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Monday, October 15, 2007

I can say No to Yashraj: Saif

Saif's basic idea of turning producer is to be creative. "If I've to work away from Yashraj I'd rather work for myself than other producers.

I want to produce anything from a period murder mystery which might not make too much money, to an off- the-wall romantic comedy, any slice-of-life film…. I'm not looking at making money here, though it'd be nice if my productions do make money.

But my partner and close friend Dinesh Vijen and I are making films that other people wouldn't want to make with me."

Saif has come to trust his partner in the last couple of years. It would be the partner's finances and Saif's creative input. "It's about setting the right tone for a movie."

Yashraj sets standards that Saif would like other production houses to equal. "My first film Parampara was with Mr Yash Chopra. So I know his style of working. Over the years I've been working with Yashraj. So it isn't as though I've begun to swear by them all of a sudden.

What do I tell you about some of the other people who come to me with assignments? They don't even have scripts. Some of the old producers are so resistant to change while the whole industry has moved on. Yashraj is so clear-headed about its intentions and motivations."

Much to Saif's delight Yashraj gives him the liberty to say no to a project. "I've heard stories about stars reluctantly doing Yashraj Films because they can't say no to them. I still have the power to veto the project.

I hate to be where I don't want to be. I do say no to projects I don't want to do. But some producers want me to re-think after I say no. But now I know how to say a firm no."

Saif thinks he has become a good judge of whom to work with. "If you see someone spitting in his own living room you obviously won't have any respect him.

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