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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Snippet: Sania Mirza Cries Before Her Mom!

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Sania Mirza never appears to be crying in public. But she says that she is very emotional person and cries in front of mom when she loses certain match.

Saying about her societal interests, "I get anger whenever I listen about female infanticide and foeticide. I also work for an organization called SACH to raise funds for children suffering from heart diseases".

Switching over to her glitter world, she said, "I never like to do in films. I said that many times but still the media keeps wasting time on that aspect. My focus is on tennis and again the speculations on my love life are also a mere waste of time. I find love and marriage are important only when my career in Tennis stops".

So, this Hyderabad beauty is very clear in her motives.

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