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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shabana is ambassador of Action Aid

From 22 to 26 September Shabana will be joining several eminent activists from world over to head for the UN headquarters in New York to plead for food for the entire globe. These activists include the Brazilian prime minister and a Nigerian actor.

Assuming her adamant activist's stance Shabana asserts, "It's very simple, really. Food needs to be put on everyone's plate. In the UN General Assembly they had promised that by 2015 they'd remove hunger from the world. They haven't even achieved 50 percent of that target. So all of us from the worldover will have just one chant. Put food on everyone’s plate."

Getting more serious Shabana says, "How can we think of making progress when everyone doesn't get enough to eat? In fact people are still dying of hunger. After I finish at the UN General Assembly I'm going to Yale for a panel discussion. Finally I'll be doing a panel discussion on the BBC on India’s 60 years of independence."

Shabana spends more time outside the country than she does at home these days. "In any case my home is being renovated and is in a shambles. On my birthday on 18 September all my friends were huddled together in one room in one corner of our house."

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