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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No 'Johnny Gaddaar' in U.K.

Adlabs has decided against releasing their biggie JOHNNY GADDAAR on U.K. screens. Normally, all keenly anticipated movies, even if loaded with violence and sex [considered a put-off by the Overseas junta] open at cineplexes there. But Adlabs aren't releasing JOHNNY GADDAAR in theatres in U.K.

"The holy month of Ramzan has hit film business hard. The Pakistani audience, which forms a large percentage of film-going audience in U.K., stays away from movies in Ramzan. As a result, the business hits an all-time low. Instead of ruining the business prospects of JOHNNY GADDAAR, we decided against releasing the film in theatres. Besides, the adult certificate will also keep the kids away, so why take the risk?," Pranab Kapadia, Business Head, Adlabs Films – U.K. tells me.

Wise move indeed!

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