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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I did not pinch Dia Mirza's bottom!!!

Rohit Roy doesn't know whether to laugh or cry about allegations of trying to pinch actress Diya Mirza's bottom in a swimming-pool.

He laughs uncomfortably. "I don't want to paint myself as a saint. But I do pride myself with a more suave temperament.

I've never in my life resorted to such cheap gimmicks. I didn't pinch anyone when I was in college. Why would I do it now when I'm happily married and with a daughter."

Apparently Rohit's mother was very upset by the story.

"It isn' t a very nice thing to say about any decent man. Diya is a dear friend of mine and my wife. I'd have laughed off the whole thing, but for the fact that it's embarrassing to me and my family to hear such things."

Rohit says he's shy of amorous behaviour even on screen. "For my new film Mittal Versus Mittal I had to do some really graphic love scenes… they are as graphic as love-making scenes can get in our films.

I'm thankful to my co-star Rituparna Sengupta for putting me at ease. I'd have never managed otherwise."

The tv actor now pursuing a film career says he was very uncomfortable portraying marital rape in Mittal Versus Mittal.

"When the director Karan Razdan narrated the theme I was like, 'Dude this ain' t me'.

But then I realized there are so many aspects to life and gender relationships. If I get choosy I'd limit myself as an actor."

Rohit has just finished shooting with his wife Manasi Joshi for the the first time in Sanjay Gupta's Alibaug.

"She's one co-star I don' t mind losing scenes to. I always tell her, you're the actor I'm the star. Between us we cover the entire gamut."

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