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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am single and want to be in Love

First it was John Abraham during Salaam-e-Ishq. Now it's Akshay Kumar. 

Vidya Balan has been shooting two back-to-back films with the Kumar. "And we had ourselves a ball in Jaipur and Australia. That's where we shot Priyadarshan's Bhul Bulaiya and Sajid Khan's Hey Baby."

Vidya has just returned after four months of hectic shooting. And she can't help chuckling at the memory. "Akshay is a major prankster. I had to be on tenterhooks all through the two schedules. One never knew what Akshay was up to.

My one ambition in life is to get even with him for all the pranks he has played with me. Shooting has seldom been so much fun. I didn't even realize how these two long schedules for two completely contrasting films passed by." 

Vidya is aware that tongues will start wagging all over again. "I'm quite prepared for stories to filter back. I've gone through this before. During Salaam-e-Ishq they linked me with John Abraham for the same reason. Because people saw us having so much fun together. Now there'll be gossip because Akshay and I had ourselves a great time."

Remind her that it's only healthy for a young attractive single girl like her to be linked with co-stars and Vidya sighs, "Yes, I'm young and single and most certainly looking forward to being in love. 

Unfortunately both John and Akshay are attached. And that creates an embarrassment more for them than me. So that's that…Come to think of it, where are the eligible single guys in our industry? I'll have to look elsewhere."

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